Will JPYC be the first project to give value to their property tokens from stakes.social?

JPYC is one of the most exciting projects that launched on stakes.social. They are building a stable coin based on Japenese Yen. It will be first digital currency on blockchain pegged to Japenese Yen. Few months ago they were one of the most staked project on stakes.social and currently they have over 12k $DEV staked and their total rewards from staking is 5000 $DEV tokens. 5000$ DEV tokens worth around 100k USD when Dev tokens were ATH. JPYC is now supporting many chains including, Ethereum, Polygon and xDai.

JPYC kept improving their project since their launch on stakes.social. Recently they have announced their 500m YEN (4.400.000$) backing from Circles new VC. 4.4m $ can be considered a really nice amount backing for crypto projects and its even more than Dev Protocol’s market cap rn.

There are many amazing projects on Stakes.social. Most of them keep improving theirselves since their launch on Dev ecosystem. But we can tell there is currently no project that gave value to their property tokens.

So now JPYC has a good backing from VC, i am really excited to see what will happen to their property tokens that they issued through stakes.social. Will the JPYC team use these tokens as their main token for their future, DAO etc… Or will they issue a new token?

I am really excited to see the decisions that JPYC team will take in their future. But what decision they take, i am really happy to see projects to have success after their launch on Dev ecosystem and hope their best in their future :heart::rocket:

Please share your ideas :).


Looking forward to seeing an official answer to this as well. It would be great to see a synergy between Dev <-> JPYC.