What opportunities does Dev DAO hold?

What is a DAO? DAO means decentralised autonomous organisation. Instead of traditional companies where decision is taken by few people on top of the company. Decision is taken by the communities voting power on DAO’s.

DAO’s are considered the future of companies. Not many of them will follow this path, but especially web3 projects, which are tokenized and owned by the community will mostly follow the path of decentralisation through turning into DAO’s.

Actually DAO’s are really new. It’s like bitcoin in 2011. Their opportunities will be more than just a voting power. But is waiting for being explored. Dev Protocol also focuses on building a strong DAO mechanism. For over few months, decisions on Dev Protocol is being voten by $DEV token holders on govern page.

I would love to talk about some DAO projects and what they are building.

For example, i am a holder of CityDao Citizen, NFT of CityDao project. CityDao is building a city on Ethereum blockchain. The founders bought a parcel on Wyoming city(USA). Yes, a real piece of land. Now the DAO(holders of the NFT) will vote on how will the parcel will be used. It’s really amazing because it was something never done before. Because mostly on crypto its about digital stuff, but connecting digitalism with real land is unique. Depends on the succes of the DAO, the plans are expanding the amount of land is owned around the world and build somethings inside the city. Maybe one day those NFT’s will be eligible to live inside that land. Time will show it. There are also many cool DAO projects that are aimed to build different things.

Now lets brainstorm about how Dev DAO can work and what can it be built. Dev Protocol is not only a DAO project but has a DAO to decide and vote on things so community will have decision power on project. Many crypto projects has their dao and their treasury is on the hand of the DAO. Same with Dev Protocol. But Dev Protocol has something in its treasury that is expanding each day and none other projects has. The creator tokens.

As many of you know, whenever a project launch on stakes.social, their creator tokens are minted. %5 of those tokens are directly sended to Dev Treasury. It can bring a massive opportunity to Dev Protocol. First of all creator token index. Dev Protocol aims to build a succesfull creator economy and one of the key point of this is giving value to social tokens. Once the creator tokens have value, Dev DAO will directly have a good amount of those creator token index. Since there will be many creators on Dev Protocol ecosystem. OSS devolopers, Youtubers, Musicians, Anime studios and many more. DAO can vote and create a power alliance between projects and creators. I think there is a ton of opportunity that can be done with a DAO, i dont only talk about voting on some stuff for decision making but mant more.

I would love to hear some ideas that a dao can build. Especially Dev DAO. Please share your ideas :).