What are Creator Pools?

Creator Pools are not a really clear concept for many people. In this article I’ll try to explain everything. Let’s remember the art where the Dev Protocol Social Farming System is represented.

Here you can see that Creator Staking Pools are represented by this golden circle. It actually represents a Smart Contract where individuals can deposit their DEV tokens. Once Deposited, the DEV Token annual emission is distributed, as Rewards, to Stakers proportionally to the Amount of DEVs they have Staked.

Patrons can deposit and withdraw at any time they want, including just the rewards. They just have to pay gas fees to execute the transaction in the Ethereum network.

You can see how the Smart Contract works on Etherscan. First check the overview of the DEV Token on Etherscan and sort it by Holders.

You will see that some of the biggest holders are actually Smart Contracts, which can be identified by that little contract page on the left of the Hexadecimal Address.

Some of them are Creator Pool Staking Contracts. For example, let’s check the HiDE Creator Pool.

On the DEV token overview page you can filter transactions by address just by clicking on them. So when you filter transactions by the HiDE Creator Pool you can see how it works.

On the first column you can see the Txn Hash, which is the register of that respective transaction on the blockchain. On the second column you can see what happened in this Txn, a DEV Deposit or Withdraw. On the other columns you can see rest of the information in that Txn, from which wallets these tokens came from or where they went to and the quantity of tokens in that transaction.

I hope this helps you understand it a little bit better, if you still have any questions you can ask them here on the forum.


Excellent write up P. Thanks for all your hard work.


Thank you! I’m learning from you.