@vvynil - ビニール - Bounty

@vvynil - ビニール
CyberMiles Ambassador, Algorand Ambassador, ‘one of the most reliable and decent information providers in Japan’.

Amount of followers
Engagement rate

Targeted population and why it is relevant
I think that vvynill would help us educate the Japanese OSS community, creators and crypto enthusiasts on Dev Protocol. Our Japanese community feels very small, he could be one a way to introduce DEV to them.

Write a detailed thread - minimum 7 tweets or equivalent material (one pager) - on Twitter explaining Dev Protocol to your Japanese followers. Few key points that could be mentioned:

  • Use cases of DEV
  • talk about stakes social
  • mention other japanese projects

20 DEV

The community through the committee and the team will judge the post to approve the claim.


I think it’s a great start. Has he agreed previously to this? Do we have some metric on any token he has shilled before?

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I have no metrics, I asked imoyearn warashibe about who were the best twitter crypto guys on Japan and he told me vvynill was one of them. He seems to be connected to a few other Japanese crypto communities as an Ambassador, so it could be good for us.

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Great, I think we should proceed with this as soon as possible

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@vvynill completed the bounty, he published this beautiful one pager, with valuable information for the Japanese community!



Very nice piece of work!

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That is really wonderful!!
Congratulations on our first successful Shōkin kasegi :cowboy_hat_face: :trophy:

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I’m late, but it’s great!

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This bounty has succeeded! :clap:
Thank you to all who helped this :relaxed:

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