Tokenomics Ideas

Hey there!

Do you have any Tokenomics ideas for Dev Protocol? Any criticism to the current one? Anything that you have seen on other projects and you like?

Just throwing a couple of ideas at the wall:

  • APY that increases over time (this rewards long term hodlers)
  • Taxes on creator withdraws that are split between a default marketing fund and a token burn address
  • Charge creators an onboarding fee in Dev that must be burned

Tokenomics I like:
Strongblock, which is a Nodes as a Service platform. To participate, you have to buy 10 STRONG tokens for each node. These tokens must be burned to purchase the node. Participants are rewarded in STRONG with a high APY in exchange for running nodes. This system works very well because people buy to participate, not to speculate. And by participating, you are burning your initial – meaning you can’t unstake your tokens to market sell because BTC is falling, for example. In practice, this means that the price has been highly resistant to market fluctuations.

If we could adopt a similar model with Dev, I think it would be to our benefit.

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