“This week in Dev Protocol…” weekly update series

I believe the stakes.social dapp is missing a feature where existing developers can showcase updates to their OSS projects, and new developers can introduce themselves and their project in a few words.

This information asymmetry makes newcomers feel overwhelmed, thus leading them to the telegram chat asking for a good recommendation and getting the main chat bombarded by some zombie projects that are looking for more stake rewards.

I would like to suggest a weekly series that involves:

  • Existing developers showcasing upcoming updates to their projects

  • New developers introducing themselves and explaining in a few words what their project does

  • Upcoming developers/Dapps that will be joining in the near future.

I’m open for thoughts! This could be made possible by making a new Telegram chat which specializes in this kind of discussions, or implementing it into the Stakes.social website itself.

Thank you for your time :pray:t2:


Completely agree, hopefully this can shed some light on projects swindling rewards from honest patroens