Testing Staking Perks


A disclosure of working on testing a set of Dapps that provide Staking Perks.

Component Summary

  • Staking Perks allows creators to offer benefits(perks) to staking users.
  • Staking Perks is provided as an Azure Marketplace, not a single Dapp, and runs as a middleware for perks dapps. In other words, the perks provided thought Staking Perks may be increasing infinity.
  • The perks provided through Staking Perks will be listed on Stakes.social.


Already onboarded OSSs include tens of millions of users and thousands of contributors per OSS. But currently, the only people using Dev Protocol are the one owner out of those users. We should prove that we can extend the staking community to the OSS community.


  • We’ll publish an MVP that unlocks perks. That MVP website does not actually provide any perks, and it shows “the ticket” to get perks.
  • If a user unlocks one of the perks and gets the ticket, consume the ticket quota and used stake.
  • Contents of perks are free-format and are left to you.
  • Your Property page on Stakes.social shows the perks provided through Staking Perks.
  • On the MVP website, stakers can check that they are one of the ticket holders.
  • The actual perks will be provided in the future.

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