Supports multi tokens with Dev Protocol as a framework (LLDP)

A truly open Dev Protocol is desirable for maximizing network effectiveness and building decentralized, diverse, and powerful DAO. This concept is to upgrade Dev Protocol as a framework to allow users to leverage, extend, and interoperability with the low-level Dev Protocol (LLDP) using arbitrary tokens. If this concept is accepted and well discussed, I will organize the spec as a DIP.


A low-level protocol of Dev Protocol (LLDP) is basically simple. Still, developing a protocol with only minor differences in mechanisms such as “tokenization” and “monetization” is undesirable both from a user-oriented perspective and from a software engineering perspective. A myriad of different token economies that share only LLDP seek to maximize value for as many stakeholders as possible by building interoperability.


It connects LLDP with a myriad of protocols with different tokens than DEV, different token economics, but common infrastructure and features. The current Dev Protocol will be the first example of an LLDP connection.

The current Dev Protocol is a monolithic integration of LLDP and its layers above it. Therefore, the following should be considered when designing LLDP:

  1. Which method should be separated into LLDP?
  2. What value does the protocol built on LLDP need to provide to DEV?
  3. Which areas should establish interoperability?

I will ponder these ideas a bit more and comment or update later.

I welcome your opinions.