[Support] Regenerative Finance (ReFi Club)

What is ReFi Club?

ReFi Club is a community project hosted on Dev Protocol that supports different communities around the world to fund their project goal to restore the farm, forests, etc.

The tokens will be distributed to:

  • ReFi Community, who’s actively reversing the climate change
  • ReFi Local Community
  • Farmers
  • Some tokens are possible to use to spread the ReFi on local meet ups
  • Etc.


  • Put your name beside the tree and list your name on the website of ReFi Club supporters
  • Receive NFTs
  • Etc.


Need Community Support

If you have ReFi friends or are part of the ReFi community, please share this forum topic anywhere and anyone can freely share their ideas. We are open to community partnerships. Our mission is to slowly reverse climate change even for you it’s impossible but let’s try for the better and save the future of the next generation.


This is a realy good idea! This is something that will be used for sure even the youtuber mister beast has this so this shows there is intrest.

With clubs we could look for other charities ho wants to colab to?


OMG, Mr. Beast is OP <3

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Imagine we could colab with him👀

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I think it is super cool and benefical. We are living in a one world and it is ours. I can’t think of anything more satisfying than doing something good for our world such as planting new trees and defending wild life.

As myself, i have used donations for nature to plant trees etc… Dev Protocol’s staking mechanism is always better than direct spending.

For example, staking 100$ DEV tokens can generate 1 or 2 tree planting monthly. 1000 $DEV tokens can generate 10 trees a month. In a year it is 100 or more trees per individual.

We can have special NFTs through this.



Yeah, thanks for your input friend :100:. We can use this kind of method :slight_smile:

I like the idea. If implemented well then, I think this can be a better alternative to traditional NGOs working toward the cause. This can bring participation from wider audience. People flexing their support by showing s-token issued against their staked amount can be a good driving force too.


Great Idea Vinci :fire: I loved ICWT suggestions too. Great work as always folks :fire: :heart:

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