Suggestion of ZK chains to implemented before Optimism

I have moved my staking to L2 Arbitrum and i can tell the experience is pretty smooth there compared to main Ethereum network since its faster and cheaper. Arbitrum is using Optimistic roll up and is upgrading to their next version :arrow_right: Arbitrum Nitro. Which is faster and cheaper than current version. Also one other thing is. While the usage on Ethereum network increase, fees also go higher. But its opposite on Arbitrum. If there is more usage, the fees go less. Since more transactions will be on a a block and that block will be divided to number of transactions which will end up in cheaper for every TX there.

My proposal is to move to ZK rollups before moving to optimism. I have used 4 of the main L2 solutions. Arbitrum, Optimism, Zksync and Starnet (Starkware). I can’t see an direct advantage on moving to Optimism while we are already on Arbitrum. Ofcourse as long term solution it can be good to be on every network.

Starknet is already on mainnet. Also ZKsync is expected to be on mainnet in late January (maybe earlier). ZkSync will also have their upgraded version of ZkPorter which is fully decentralised and fast and cheap. Imo being on a ZK rollup is better than being on a second Optimistic roll up. I would love to hear ideas about this topic.