Suggested improvements for Stakes Social

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Stakes Social has come a long way since its first iteration but I think we will always be trying to improve it or adapt it to new needs so I thought I’d create a General topic for anyone that wanted to post an idea or suggestion about stakes social.

If you have ideas please post them below


One improvement I would like to see is a way for the Projects to interact with their stakers more and give their supporters more information of what they are doing and why. If you can create a sense of community for a project and its supporters by allowing engagement and the flow of info that will create long term bonds.

Suggestion information boxes, this could just be 1 big box with suggested topics such as
“About” - Information about the project (we do currently have this but it seems very hit and miss whether a project has filled it in or not.)
“Why Fund this project via Dev” - explanation about what the project hopes to achieve
“What the Funding is for” - e.g. i want to sell my Dev tokens to raise $10k for a new server.
"Goals or aims of the Project - In 6 months we want to have launch our project through beta into its first release state.

Also a “Recent Updates” text box near the top of the page so at a glace the project supports can see the the project has done xxxx this week/month

There is also the possibility of allowing the community to leave comments about the project but that will require administration to stop spam or inappropriate comments


Great idea! I think that this would go really well with the idea of updating the karma system, maybe adding these variables to that system could create more incentives for Creators to do more of that?

Hi, thanks for great suggestions!

I apologize for the delay in getting here. The reason is that protocol improvements often took over a few months to develop, and it was difficult to develop both the protocol and the Dapp with the few resources of the team.

With the release of L2 development, the largest part of this year’s roadmap, and a growing new team, we will be starting these improvement. In addition, as new markets are coming now, we need to consider stakes social as a more open and comprehensive place.

We welcome any reference or ideas for improvement :pretzel:


One of the biggest feedbacks I have got from the design of is that it doesn’t give people using it much confidence.

Most people say it looks like it’s incomplete. So, a good design would help us a lot. I will tag Mikael, the designer of cobogo and ask if he can give us some insights in his free time.

Maybe we could do a bounty to improve it?

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I would say design. Because is building creator economy. As most of you know, metaverse and nft projects nearly made more attention than defi projects overall in crypto.

Creator economy will probably pull more attention than even nft or metaverse. NFT (mostly pulled digital artists, while creator economy will pull millions of people). I dont think look ugly. But it should be more exciting. For example Their design is fresh and exciting.

Creativity needs to be exciting to pull more eyes.

My second suggestion would be an direct swapping between chains. Ethereum to Arbitrum right now for example. With one click upper right corner. Also i can suggest putting the dev bridger to also. So someone can directly swap it. Also a live gwei toggler maybe to the website on right upper corner. These should be little details but they are usefull.

I think we definetly need to have a mobile app. Maybe in 2022, i am sure it will take time. But many people do use crypto from their phones.

I think dynamism is important. Most people who are into crypto right now likes dynamism. Easy to use + good looking is the killer shot. Even though i am a long term staker. sTokens are kinda complicated to me.

For example when Perks systems come, we should have an eaiser to use and understand sToken/Perks mechanism.

Also i believe Perks should really easy to understand when someone joins to the

Also one other suggestion i can tell is. I think its hard to find the project to stake for. We should definetly make it easier in long term.

I.E what kind of creator would you like to stake and the preferences on the sides.

Other than that, is really cool. Its one of the few apps that i didnt had any problem on using even from phone. Transactions are pretty fast for eth network :ok_hand:


First, it should be mentioned that stakes social has a different role than other Dapps and is an interface that can reference all property tokens of Dev Protocol.

We believe that It will be the third-party Dapp that provides the best UX for creators. Examples are Cobogo and μ-zomia because they make Dapps to support certain categories of creators, such as YouTube.

Stakes social, on the other hand, doesn’t limit to a specific category, so we’re looking for ways to be a more open and comprehensive place.
(For example, users might find a property in stakes social and go to Dapp for Perks.)

What kind of place do you think it will be? It will be helpful to know which site to use when looking for new tokens.


This site may be helpful as one example:

cf. ) The need of “Update section” was discussed here “This week in Dev Protocol…” weekly update series

As a premise:

  • As a protocol side, the basic information is not the information entered in a specific Dapp, but that can be obtained on-chain.
  • Property tokens are authenticated to the market for assets, so you can track information about those assets. (For example, for GitHub, basic information about the repository, activity, etc.)

If you have found a good example of comprehensive platform, please let us know. :cowboy_hat_face:

I understand. But, I still think that we can massively improve the design of and it would cause a great impact, not only for usability but giving people first getting in touch with the platform more confidence.

We can take advantage that our dApp partners have great designers and launch a bounty for improvement, I’m sure they’d accept it, since it would benefit all the ecosystem. Maybe they all could work together!

I’d love to see something like this on Listing all the social tokens, dApps, etc.

I’d like to keep the discussion here about what kind of platform we are aiming for, rather than who will do it. Any suggestions for improvement in design are also welcome.

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What information do you want to help you find the best projects to stake?
Do you want numbers about the project, comments from staking users about the project, or information about how often the project is updated?
I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

I’ve made a mock like this to show the direction.

Given that the essence of is Property Tokens and their list, and that the list is a collection of summaries, designing the Property Tokens page is important in considering the direction of, I think.

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I think the details looking good. It would be cool to have the information there so the staker knows who to stake for. And for example the creators should post news to there. What kind of devolopment they are making.

Quick question, will every asset, from every dApp be listed on

Yeah, I imagine the “Activities” tab will contain content that indexes some updates!


I think the list should aggregate the ones listed in the linked Dapps. That is, assets that don’t appear in any Dapps don’t appear in the list in However, I think that all assets can use the “Property Tokens page”.

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I think that the best thing to add is to add a Patron scorecard. Based on staked rewards x time staked.

And an activity scorecard for their own community members, that can be used for social tokens distribution.