Shōkin kasegi - Marketing Pool

After discussing the previous Marketing Pool proposal with a few team members and community members, I’ve got the feedback that it was too complex and since we need something to be done quicker I’m going to propose another idea for a Marketing Pool.

Shōkin kasegi

This new Marketing Pool should work as a bounty program, the new characteristics that I thought that it would make it easier were:

  • Use Dev Protocol stakes social pool as the Marketing Pool Fund, this way a new complex pool creation is avoided. The rewards from that pool would be distributed to marketing bounties proposals.

  • Create a simple, small committee of a few community and team members that would discuss with the community and, together, select influencers for the bounty.

  • In case any influencer claims the bounty, the same committee would judge the video/tweet/article and then distribute the tokens.

I think that with this, the community marketing based on Dev Protocol becomes way easier to implement even though it becomes more centralized and not able to support other communities and become a new product.

I’d love to hear your opinions on this, how could we improve this? Is it possible to create a new page for the Marketing Pool, just to get the influencer’s attention? Is it necessary?

As an end note, I think that in the future, if it is viable and the team has any time and resources to do it, it would be nice to see the first proposal advance and be implemented somehow.


Great idea, would save us time and resources

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Utilizing the funds in the dev protocol pool sounds like a much better way of going about this.

I would like one of the DEV team members to be on the committee in these early stages, as the DAO is in its infancy and we lack on demand talent for marketing/biz dev given the small number of participants currently. Their insight would be very valuable. As the DAO grows, so too can the separation between the protocol’s reliance upon core team members.


I think the influencer has to propose a roadmap or to-do to be implemented. And one thing to consider is if the tokens would be distributed before or after he/she implements what was promised.

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I think this proposal is great and I love it :star_struck:
Syokin Kasegi’s contents are same to The Ander. Is it correct?

I will cooperate if necessary to achieve this :+1:
If you decide on a specific Todo or schedule, please share it.

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This one is supposed to be a centralized version of the Ander. The benefits are, it’s way easier to implement, cheaper, less labor since everything is already in place.

That’s great :slight_smile: I’m not really sure how I’d create a schedule to this, since I don’t know how busy the team is, etc. But, since we’re getting a lot of attention lately and momentum is in our favor, I think that as soon as we could create bounties for influencers the better, we have a golden window right now.

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It sounds good to me, fren.
Make a corum rule for the committee when judging the bounty claim.

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If the community is in agreeance, I would like to be on the committee as well. I’ve been involved in cryptocurrency for a long time. Along my journey in this space I’ve helped run marketing strategies and aided in business development for various projects. Furthermore, I have experience in marketing/growth outside of cryptocurrency from various start up companies I’ve been involved in/founded. I know what it takes to get a product from ground zero and into the minds of its target audience.

In addition to this, over the past couple of days I have made an effort to advertise Dev Protocol in various channels which has had an immediate and meaningful impact on engagement and awareness of what’s being built here. I am keenly aware of what needs to be done to draw attention to us, and feel as though being on the committee would let me more effectively leverage my skills in growth hacking/marketing/social engineering in a more efficient manner.


Is it still better to use influencers who are strong in English-speaking countries?

Dev Protocol is less well known in the Japanese speaking world than in the English speaking world, so I feel that it would be a good idea to use Japanese influencers.

The economic scale is small, though.


Yeah, the majority of the crypto users know English and use it to research, so I guess English influencers would make sense and this would cause a major impact on marketing the Protocol, but since Dev is a Japanese project, and it’s where the team has most leverage, it would also make sense to have a few Japanese influencers selected.

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I think written/spoken English in the marketing is absolutely crucial, as it’s the most spoken language globally, (more than Mandarin). However, being that there is a strong core community of Japanese speaking community members, we should absolutely be making an effort to have these articles/videos translated and subtitled accordingly.


We appreciate that the community is actively to be involved in the growth of DEV!
I like the idea of creating a committee with the marketing DAO.

I have a concern about onboarding to People are so keen on marketing that if we had a marketing pool, staking might flow from creators to it.

So, I would like to suggest, how about using Dev Protocol’s pool?

Dev Protocol’s pool has already accumulated reward as I wrote here.


  • Allocate 30% of Dev Protocol’s pool tokens to the marketing pool (Deposit for 6 months)
  • 5000 DEV from Creator Rewards


  • How can we decide on the committee? How it works?
  • Can we also have a campaign for forum contributors?

Hey Mayu! Thanks for answering.

Yes the idea is exactly that, allocate the 5000 DEV from the Creator Rewards to form the Shokin Kasegi Fund and create bounties for influencers with them.

I really like the idea of allocating 30% of the tokens for the marketing pool.

We could run a community vote on Telegram, or slido, and pick 3 members of the community to represent and talk to them constantly about what’s happening and how to vote, + 2 or 4 team members.

This could be a good idea, since few guys are posting here.

I think this is the best way forward for the time being, keep it simple and manageable and we can expand from there :slight_smile:

This has my full support and will help however I can

Awesome! Let’s hope that this is a success, thank you for your support :slight_smile:

From the experience we’ve got so far, and after talking to the community, I think that it is ideal to implement a lock on previous bounties after 7 days. If the influencer doesn’t accept or creates anything on 7 days, the community should decide if they want to postpone the bounty for 7 more days. If not, it should be locked.
This way we don’t keep these bounties that weren’t accepted or that influencers are no interested for a long time.

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