[RFC]I want people to know about the project to save Japanese animation

I see.
It’s a little more difficult, but it’s worth considering.

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I have an entire wall filled with anime illustrations too!
I believe that by setting a certain level of difficulty for staking rewards, we can solve the problem of shipping costs, etc.


I understand.
However, the difficulty level is quite high.

That hope has a lot to do with the production committee of the animation.

Animation studios are not at liberty to use your animation, even if you have created it.
This is because there are other investors.

Therefore, animation studios cannot sell the illustrations of the animation they have created, nor can they sell the video.

However, if you can create an animation where there are no investors, that is the solution.

At Anime Bank, we aim to create such a future!


I would stake a lot of DEV for something like a physical, original artwork. As DEV protocol is a global community it would require global shipping. I wonder, how would you know the name and address of the staker? To associate a staked wallet with an individual?
I love the idea of the anime studio staking though.