[RFC]I want people to know about the project to save Japanese animation


We are planning to launch a service called Anime Bank, a DAO platform for supporting anime studios. Anime Bank aims to provide continuous and direct support to Japanese anime studios from anime fans all over the world.

[Current issues]

One of the current issues is that most Japanese anime studios rely on the funding from the “production committee”, which has continued from the 1990s.

In this method, no matter how famous the anime becomes, the anime studios cannot receive financial returns unless they join the production committee and become one of the investors.

As a result, the poverty of “animators” who create anime is still an issue after 30 years.

In addition, no matter how much the anime studios want to make sequels, they have to get permission from the “investors” to create the next anime.
All of the above is great and explains really well the issues

[Alternatives and solutions]

“Anime Bank” will let you stake tokens to support the anime studios you love, helping to alleviate the poverty of animators and empowering anime studios to freely create new worlds.

“Anime Bank” will let you stake Anime tokens
Just to make it clear that Anime tokens are being staked.
In return, supporters can receive the studio’s original NFT based on the staking period.
In return, on top of the APY offered by stakes social, supporters can receive the studio’s original NFT based on the staking period.

We are a Japanese team working on the project, and we have the means to collaborate with high quality Japanese anime studios.
We also have strong partners like Otaku Coin working with us on the project.

[Technical connections with Dev Protocol]

Anime studios have properties related to the anime market.
When a user stakes Anime tokens to an anime studio in Anime Bank, the Anime tokens will be swapped to Dev tokens and will be staked to the anime studio’s property on Dev Protocol.
The user and anime studio will be able to withdraw more Anime tokens in response to the increased Dev tokens.

In fact, we are receiving direct support from the Dev protocol team of “stakes.social” for this project! (Thanks a lot “stakes.social”!)
Maybe changing direct support with “we are collaborating” - it is not necessary but it would fit it better
Dev Protocol team - it’s the protocol
stakes.social is the dApp. It can sound confusing, as if, stakes.social is the protocol or bigger than Dev Protocol. Again - chaging this part is not necessary

In the solutions section I think that Anime Bank is really straight forward and a great fit to Dev Protocol’s use case. If I could make any suggestion, I would create some sort of limited NFTs for each episode published or whole series.

For example :
instead of unlimited NFTs as a gratification for staking, maybe create a point system to exchange for these NFTs .
A 100/100 common NFT, a 10/10 rare NFT and a 1/1 Unique NFT
they could have the same art, but could be different in some parts, for example, commons could be static, just an image. the rare could have moving parts/be a short video and the unique could be the rare short video of a certain scene but with added effects, making it look unique.

With gratitude to all fans who love anime.
Thank you very much.


This is a good idea.
I would be more than happy to have information on which anime NFTs I can get.


thank you for comment!
What kind of NFTs you get depends on the animation studio and the staking period.

We hope that you will choose your own staking studio and get the NFTs of your choice!


Amazing! The Dev Protocol space is taking shape with all these platforms being built around it. Anime Bank sounds like it could save an industry that desperately needs all the help it can get.



Thanks for the encouraging comment!
I also think that the ecosystem that DevProtocol is trying to form is great!

I hope to create a platform that can support the growth of DevProtocol


I didn’t know the specifics of the Anime Industry, I will be honest, I am not much of a fan that follows all the episodes, etc. But I was really shocked to see how this industry works.

I am really rooting for Anime Bank now, there is a clear chance to disrupt the industry and free it from all these problems it faces.

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I can’t wait for the day when I can stake on anime studios!


I love the Animebank concept that support favorite anime studios and get exclusive NFTs for fans. This is exactly one of Dev Protocol’s great use cases. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This is my dream idea for Animebank that I would be happy to see implemented in future.

  • 100DEV : Use anime NFT as profile icon
  • 10000DEV: Get autograph or sakuga of my favorite animator
  • 100000DEV: Watch new anime episodes before air. (Is it possible? :joy: )


There are many advantages to the anime production committee system.

The cost of one episode of anime broadcast in Japan is about 20 million yen, and if there are 13 episodes in a season, 300 million yen is needed including advertising costs.

It is difficult for a single animation studio to raise these costs, and many Japanese animations are in the red, supported by only a few hit works.

Therefore, in the production committee system, the cost of 300 million yen is funded by goods production companies, movie companies, publishing companies, TV stations, etc., and the sales are shared among the affiliated companies.

However, the studios that produce the animation we see today are only allowed to invest 5-10% of the total, and their earnings are limited to 5-10% of the total.

This is the reason why the problem of low wages for animators in Japan is so serious, and this is why Anime Bank wants to give Anime Token directly to the animation studios so that they can use it as a second source of income.


Thank you!

The NFTs for staking rewards will gradually become more luxurious.

For example
・First staking reward NFT
・100DEV worth of ANX: Original drawn NFT
・1000DEV worth of ANX: Original movie NFT

100000DEV: Watch new anime episodes before air. (Is it possible? :joy: )

This is a very unique idea.
However, it is difficult to realize.

The reason for this is that, as I mentioned earlier, there is a “production committee system”.

The animation is not the property of the animation studio, but requires the approval of all the people who have invested in the “production committee”, so it would be difficult to do this with the approval of the animation studio.
However, if a studio can obtain 100,000 DEV from Anime Bank, it will be possible for a single studio to produce anime with funds collected from fans without being bound by the production committee system.

I believe in that future.


The “production committee” is an old system and hates new culture.

At first, we were thinking of staking each animation separately. (Wouldn’t you like to be able to stay on Dragon Ball?)

However, we realized that the first thing we need to solve is the animator problem.

We have some innovative ideas for the next phase of staking per animation.

We have an innovative idea for the next phase of staking for each animation: we can distribute the Property Token that exists in the Dev Protocol according to the percentage of the production committee’s investment.

For example, if the animation studio that produces “Dragon Ball” has a 10% stake in the project, they can allocate 10% of the Property Token.

If another goods company has a 20% stake in the project, then allocate 20% of the property tokens to them, and you may be able to create a second series of an anime that may have ended after one series.
(Are you sure you’re aware of the Property Token?)

Dev Protocol has the potential to do just that, and it works very well with anime.


We have an innovative idea for the next phase of staking for each animation: we can distribute the Property Token that exists in the Dev Protocol according to the percentage of the production committee’s investment.

This is a super idea and exactly what Dev Protocol wants to support in the future. :clap:

The future Dev Protocol plans to distribute Property Tokens to stakeholders (including team) and implement equity-based governance.

We would like to continue to discuss and cooperate on how we can implement it!


This is exactly how Dev and the dApps grow together!

Thank you!
I would love to see that future!


100000DEV: Watch new anime episodes before air.

We’ve discussed this internally and found out that it might be feasible in some ways.

This part of the staking rewards is the most unique and fundamental feature of Anime Bank.

What kind of rewards do you think anime fans would like?


I want

  • Early access to get news about releasing of anime :yum:
  • Anime character Figurine
  • Anime wallpaper HD for desktop/laptop/phone
  • Many cute picture of an anime :smiley:
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Thank you so much!
I thought people in the Crypto community would like NFTs and the like, but do you think physical anime goods would be better?

I’d love to hear what you guys think!

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I want

  • Cheering messages by anime characters :drooling_face: (less DEV: printed and common message, more DEV: printed and personal message, Much more DEV: voice message)

+1 , Of Course Anime wallpaper and Pictures are the best suggestion :sparkles:


NFTs are very common in the crypto community and yeah it likes by many as well. As an anime lover, I love to design my place with the anime I like (figurine, wallpapers to post in my room, and many more) but the problem is… it’s very costly when you ship it.

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I feel that metaverse/ownership of the published anime itself will be way more valuable. Specially in the near future…

Imagine a chapter of an anime has 100 images. A limited amount of these images could be created, for example, 100 of each image.

Now imagine how powerful NFTs can be, imagine if you hold a complete album, you get a 1/100th right over that specific chapter. Including sales, etc. This would instantly give these NFTs value, and a way for these Creators to further monetize themselves.

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