[RFC] Additional rewards for the extended liquidity program


Proposals for additional rewards for the extended (bridge) liquidity program.

Component Summary

  • [Case 1: Inheriting v1 performance]:
    • Inherit the same performance as v1 in the v2 liquidity program.
    • The Liquidity Program v1 provided 80,000 DEV in 8 months. v2 opens for 5 months, so v2 offers 50,000 DEV.
  • [Case 2: 20% per month]:
    • In the previous RFC, there were some comments that performance should be 20% per month.
    • In this case, it is necessary to correct it again every time it falls below 20%, so it is desirable to set the target performance to 25% per month. So 25% * 5 months = 125% APY will be provided.
    • e.g., About 62,524 DEV tokens are staked on v2, so 78,155 DEV are set as the total reward.
  • [Correction of period]:
    • Correct the error of the period in the previous extension proposal.


The extended liquidity program is designed as a bridge program to design a new long-term liquidity program. We must reward the bridge program correctly to maintain the bridge to the long-term liquidity program.

I also propose two cases here because I am considering the implications of Case 2 for future liquidity programs. Reducing the likelihood that liquidity program v2 rewards will be higher than liquidity program v3 rewards will make it easier to design the next major liquidity program.


Case 1

The Liquidity Program v2 currently offers 38,000 DEV as the incentive. Therefore, add 12,000 DEV, which is the difference from 50,000 DEV.

The fact that v2 will inherit and not surpass the performance of v1 can provide a more flexible option for future long-term liquidity programs.

Case 2

Add the difference so that the total reward is 125% of the total number of DEV tokens staked on the Liquidity Program v2.

If the monthly performance drops below 20%, the difference will be added again based on the same calculation.

Also, in the previous proposal to extend the bridge program, although I originally proposed an extension of 3 months, the described extension period on the details was 2 months. To correct the mistake, I will set the end date so that the enforcement period will be 5 months due to the addition of this reward.

The additional rewards will be distributed retroactively to past liquidity providers.

This proposal is to be voted using the voting feature of the forum and will close the vote at UTC 1:00 on August 30, 2021.

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  • Agree with Case 1: Inheriting v1 performance
  • Agree with Case 2: 20% per month
  • Disagree with this voting way

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Passed with the “20% per month.”


It was voted to maintain a 20% monthly performance and increase the performance to 25% every time it fell below the 20% threshold. I have added the rewards based on that decision. I also raised the monthly performance to about 35% to provide more substantial incentives to liquidity providers, boost liquidity provision, and avoid adding rewards too frequently.