Quick dive into new upcoming dapp " Anime Bank" ⛩️

There are 2 obvious things. First, most of the people love Anime’s. Second, most of the people knows that Anime’s are mostly produced in Japan. I am sure most of you watched or heard about Naruto, Deathnote, Bleach, One Piece or Shaman King. These are one the most famous Anime’s in the world.

Researchs say that over 2 billion people watch Anime. This shows how big the Anime market is. Also the global market share in 2020 for anime sector was valued over 23.5 billion $. Probably more than 25 billion$ today! Huge numbers. Few days ago with new update on Dev Protocol website. I saw an intresting detail. ’ Anime Bank’. With Youtube and Youtube Music market coming to Dev Protocol (Cobogo and u-Zomia). I directly understand it was something about Anime market. I asked about it but there is not rock solid information about Anime Bank. Few days ago Otaku-Coin shared a post and mentioned about Anime Bank. So i guess the team behind Anime Bank is Otaku-Coin. So now lets take a look in the details.

Otaku Coin is an anime, manga, and game-oriented “community currency” that aims to bring more joy to people’s otaku life. The Otaku Coin Association collects passionate messages of support from fans and uses them to create posters and booklets that are delivered directly to anime studios. Through using newly created blockchain technology, it is now possible for fans and creators to join hands in creating anime.

New stories drawn by creators who are directly supported by fans around the world ―It is the mission of the Otaku Coin Association to create this system.

Otaku has over 20 million followers on their Facebook page. They are a well know business in Japan and growing. Their mission fits perfectly with what Dev Protocol is building. Thats why Dev Protocol excites me everytime. Its not only about supporting creators. Dev Protocol makes it suitable for every business to integrate themselves with $DEV to create a successfull creator economy.

So as its written in above. Otaku is focused on building a Anime creator economy. They are trying to support animation studios and monetize fan - creator enviroment. It will be a perfect suit with Dev Protocol.

Anime Bank will be the new headquarter of Anime economy using Dev ecosystem.

Lets take a look at the opportunities. First of all staking is sustainable. Fans can support any anime studio using $DEV tokens. Anime studios can offer perks for their stakers. Its amazing, because anime studios makes perfect art. There will be amazing NFT’s about it. Imagine a special edition Naruto NFT. 1 of 10 Sasuke NFT with Amaterasu effects. Huh, even the idea excites me. Maybe i am a big anime fan hehe.

Also let’s take a look at this idea. Imagine a $DEV funded anime. Fans can stake their tokens and support the idea of a new Anime. The Anime characters can be voted by the stakers and the story can also be voted by the stakers. Most votes will be the future of that Anime. Imagine that Anime got popular and even Netflix bought it for their platform. Imagine the stakers will get a portion from the sale of the Anime. Its crazy, but also possible. Web3 is changing the financial system. Whole creator economy will also change from this. Dev Protocol is building the enviroment to make this change also.

These are only my speculations. I am sure more details will come from Dev team and Anime Bank team. But i am excited even when i think about it.

Would also love to hear what you guys think :slight_smile: :heart:.