Proposal - The Ander - a growth hack platform/Marketing Pool

Hey frens.

As we’ve discussed in the Telegram groups, I’ll consolidate the ideas here to propose a new way to fund our marketing efforts. I’m calling it The Ander, but the name is up to debate. This Marketing Pool would be unique in the crypto space, only viable through Dev Protocol’s incentive system, and it would help us spread the word on the project. It would also be a great proof of concept, directly showing influencers how powerful Dev Protocol can be.

The idea was, since Mayu told us they had 5,000 DEVs to distribute to the community members, we thought that it would be more intelligent to use those DEVs in marketing the Protocol. The few ideas that I had were:

  • If there are projects that don’t onboard DEV in the Incubator program, use a percentage of those accrued DEVs that weren’t claimed to form The Ander Fund.

  • Create a platform just like the Incubator, using The Ander Fund or Team tokens and burning staker’s rewards, but for a few selected crypto influencers.

  • Set a cap for the accrued rewards and a closed and shorter time frame to claim those rewards. e.g.

    1. maximum accrued rewards for Youtubers: 500 DEVs.

    2. 30(x) days to make a video about it and claim the rewards.
      This could make it easier for the influencer to make the intertemporal tradeoff between taking the premium earlier or waiting to claim it in the end. It would also create a sense of urgency, since it has an end date.

  • Use the 5,000 that are available to the community to use as a premium for influencer that wish to claim their prize earlier, e.g.

    1. if their pool has accrued 120 DEVs and the proposed cap for a month of staking is 500 DEVs, take the remaining 380 DEVs from the 5,000 The Ander Fund and use them to pay for that premium.
      This removes that incentive in the Incubator to Claim the prize only on the last day.
  • Since the creators would get DEVs after posting the video, it incentivizes them to make a good video about it, thinking about a sustainable growth not just a “pump and dump”.

  • This can also be done to Twitter influencers, with parameters that must be reached before claiming. e.g.
    1.2 tweets in a week about Dev; one whole thread with at least 8 tweets, etc.

This is jut a brainstorm, please share more ideas, that I’ll edit and add them to the topic.
Edit1: added the twitter influencer category and some better explanations


Could also do that with Twitter influencers, having to post atleast X amount of tweets during the course of X weeks for example.


This is what I was talking about in another thread. I think dev is very much like the kickstarter of crypto and a lot of what drives successful kickstarter campaigns is a strong following and influences in the crypto space a certainly worth talking to and backing, but also the developers. I’m a filmmaker and have done many marketing campaigns so I would be happy to offer advice where possible.


That’s awesome! Since I don’t know anything about marketing, your inputs would be extremely valuable, please share your opinions or some ideas. I’ll add them to the proposal :slight_smile:


The Ander… ha! You always have the best ideas!


Not a bad idea. I’ll have a closer look this weekend.

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Does the DEV team aggreed with this proposal ? At least, about the idea of using these 5k DEV for a marketing pool…?
Shall we make a poll?


Maybe, I think we should gather more opinions and ideas before making a poll. Maybe some team members also giving their ideas to improve this?


I had another idea that could further improve The Ander.

Since creators could just barely mention Dev Protocol on a video or post, or even badmouth the token and get paid just because they mentioned it. I propose that after the creators click to claim the reward, there’s a 24h or 48h voting, to approve the claim. The community should vote if the video or post minimally benefits the token.

This way we could filter bad posts and at the same time that 24h or 48h delay further takes out the incentive to “pump and dump”.

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The Ander should also be opened up to every community, they could buy DEVs and create their own pools and finance their own community marketing, Stake DAO community members for example could be able to stake on their personal The Ander pool. The Ander Fund should also be applied to them so that they have the incentive to use it.

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Personally, I thought it would be nice if the person in charge could use both Japanese and English.

There wouldn’t be anyone in charge. It’s supposed to be just like the Incubator or Stakes Social. But with these different aspects proposed, kind of like a new dapp.

Thank you for sharing the idea!

I believe it is necessary to expand the community through airdrop campaigns. I also believe that this kind of campaign for “creators” is important as well.

We also need to consider development resources. To eliminate the risk of “developed but not used,” it is better to consider reducing the development cost by e.g., substituting by manual work.

Hi Pdot :smiley:
Thank you for great Topic!!

I would like to understand these current topics.
Would you like to choose one of the six ideas in the topics?
Or will you be creating a new platform?

The idea would be to create a new simple platform, and after a creator makes the required content to claim the reward, the community with simple governance vote would vote to approve wether the content describes well what Dev Protocol is and if the community likes it the reward could be distributed to the creator. This of course can be done with manual work, a simple UI with each creator, it’s assigned rewards and a description of the platform would be enough in my opinion. Then when the creators content has been approved by the community the rewards could be manually sent to the creator.

Hopefully Pdot will add more to this or explain his vision of the platform.

PD: I have a list of potential influencers and creators that I can share in case this is approved

Hey Aggre, thanks for commenting here.
Yeah I have no idea if centralizing it would be better or not, I just created this to discuss the better way to do it and if it’s viable.

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The idea was to condensate all these topics in one platform. It’s supposed to be a dapp.
If it was a dapp, even other communities could use DEV to fund their own Marketing, imagine Stake DAO community members feel like they want to incentivize influencers to create videos or tweet about them, they could just buy DEV and create their own version of The Ander pool, where they could stake on it.

After thinking about it, The Ander Fund could always receive funds to work as a premium for Dev-Related Marketing proposals ONLY. They could be selected and voted by the Stakes Social stakers and/or Fund Stakers, who would be able to fill the fund with their APY.

It would be a hybrid between our current Incubator and Stakes Social, with a fund that pays premiums to make it faster for them to create, but aimed at influencers, or marketing.

Other communities that wished to use The Ander could start their own little fund dedicated to that project, and stake directly in a marketing proposal created by people that stake on that fund, in this fund dedicated to other communities, only the dedicated fund stakers could vote for their content proposal. This could bring another unique use case for Dev, there are thousands of other communities that would love to do something like this and there’s nothing like it on the market.

Does this make it more clear?


So I made this little image to represent what it would look like.

Let’s say Cryptochico saw this and made a video about it, but his rewards are still at 400 out of 500 DEV ( cap selected by the community or team), he could still be able claim it taking 500 DEV from The Ander Fund.
After posting his video and claiming it, he would only be able to get his rewards if the video was APPROVED by the community through a VOTE that lasts 24h, for example.

If no one else claims the rewards they all go to the Ander Funds and accumulate to the next round.

EDIT1: on cryptochico it should be POST A VIDEO.


Although I feel that few people would abuse this system, I strongly agree with Pdot and I really like this idea


Very good idea! Using the protocol economic system applied to marketing instead of software projects. It can also be used to promote geo-based communities, for each country, for example.