Proposal: DEV x Radicle integration

DEV x Radicle Integration Proposal

What is Radicle

Radicle is a p2p GitHub-like platform without a central server that is fully integrated with Git and Ethereum.

Radicle uses a desktop called Upstream, here’s the screenshot of how it looks like:


I think it would be dope if DEV protocol integrated with Radicle because both of these projects are in the same field - open source development. In GitHub, there’s a feature called “GitHub Sponsors” where you can donate to any user to support their work:


Radicle part

I think that Radicle could have something similar, a button with “Sponsor” functionality where you can stake some DEV.

Here’s a rough sketch of how it could look like:


And the sponsor menu:

Maybe also it would make sense to have a separate tab for a repo to all your sponsors inside Radicle.

DEV part

On the DEV side, would be cool to have a new input field during tokenization step where you can link your Radicle repository as an extra / alternative option to a GitHub repo, e.g. this:

This was my initial idea, maybe something else could be added to that.


I really like this idea. The reason why I encouraged you to write this post here is because there is great potential in a collaboration like this, since both Dev and Radicle complete one another in their mission to decentralize OSS.

I could see this benefiting both ecosystems!

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I like this idea! It’s specially interesting because it kind of removes a little bit of the information asymmetry and the mitigates the steep knowledge barrier required to onboard and understand the current crypto market.

Creators that have their projects on radicle would be more interested and knowledgeable about crypto than the average OSS creator.

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I agree with your last point. People using radicle are already comfortable with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, two concepts that seem to be amiss when it comes to traditional programmers in the donate-me-a-coffee OSS scene.

This is a win-win for both projects.

Awesome! Looks good to me :+1:

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This is indeed a very consistent idea. And in fact, the team is now looking into the possibility of tokenizing Radicle. I couldn’t comment on this, so I curse myself


Hey, @v1rtl!
Thanks for being active community member and sharing suggestions and feedback. These are of great value to the DEV’s ecosystem.

As DEV’s ecosystem is for all community members and we can grow by ourselves, I have one suggestion to move these proposals foward.

How about someone who can develop the project raise their hand as task and get paid when the development is complete?

The flow is like this:

  1. View forum proposals
  2. Select the project you want to develop
  3. Write the reward based on the estimated hours for development
  4. Start development with the consent of community members
  5. Recieve rewards from ecosystem fund when development is complete :ballot_box_with_check:

Ecosystem funds exist for incentives for those who contribute to the ecosystem and those who contribute at an early stage will benefit big.

I hope you are interested in development :slight_smile:


Hi everyone – I’m a part of the Radicle Funding team and I’m excited to share that we’re actually working on a decentralized funding program very similar to this as a native part of the Radicle ecosystem. We’ll be sharing more details soon in the Radicle Community forums over at, but I would also like to share a quick taste of what we’re working on here…

Radicle Funding will allow open source software projects to issue NFT-based Community Tokens to supporters in exchange for a monthly contribution to the project. These NFTs will act as “badges” of support and also will unlock “soft” influence over the project through Snapshot-based voting, as well as (optionally) access or early access to gated content and support.

We’re very excited about this design because we believe it aligns the interests of OSS projects and supporters and unlocks real value for everybody. Please stay tuned for more details soon over on the Radicle community forums and on the Radicle Discord and we hope to have an MVP for teams to start playing with within the next 4-6 weeks!


Awesome! Really cool to know you’re also doing something similar to us!

We’re actually doing the same thing! It’s called Staking Perks and sTokens (this is way closer to your idea), there are a few discussions about it here on the forum.

Are you open for a talk with us? I feel like a deeper integration like this could be mutually beneficial and would even better for OSS projects in the end of the day.


hi, thank you for such proposal! Sadly I’m busy lately and not sure if I have enough time for that… Probably someone else can take this task if it’s going to be listed somewhere :thinking: (GitCoin for example)