Potential sTokens use cases - Music Market

The μ-zomia vote has been passed! It allows YouTube channels to be authenticated, this will make μ-zomia different from every music platform we have ever seen, all the people involved in music will be able to be tokenized and funded by Dev Protocol on μ-zomia. Given the importance of this step and the uniqueness of this platform, which is the first mover on this market, it is important to come up potential use cases for the sTokens for them.

NFT Marketplace for Music

One interesting idea could be an NFT marketplace for music built either on the μ-zomia platform or by integration with other projects that already mints NFTs.

It could look something like this:

Artists could upload exclusive videos, behind the scenes footage, music on an NFT format that could be claimed by sToken holders or bought with DEV or ETH for example.

Dev Protocol treasury and μ-zomia could get a percentage of these sells and royalties, which could be ways to further monetize the protocol and the dApp.

Another interesting feature of sTokens is that different dApps that use Dev Protocol could collaborate between themselves and offer perks for stakers using the other dApp.

For example, imagine a dApp called Phi that uses Dev Protocol to develop an education platform. They could offer music courses made by artists listed on μ-zomia, sTokens from the artist pool on μ-zomia could unlock these classes on Phi.

This way each dApp could focus on creating the best Perks for sToken holders and could attract stakers from other dApps, collecting fees on the process.