Potential sTokens Use Cases - Gaming

Since sTokens were announced we’ve got many suggestions by community members to talk about potential markets and to illustrate their use cases. One of the most asked potential market to be discussed was the Gaming Market, which I’ll discuss today.

Imagine a dApp that allows you to stake DEV to fund game Creators. Their system should be just like the one we know on stakes.social, by adding some complexity with the sTokens, the dApp could get really interesting. For example, imagine a Patron decides to stake on his favorite game Creator, at that moment both of them will start to accrue staking rewards. This is the system that is already in place and funding OSS projects you can see that in stakes.social.

An innovation is coming out in the next few weeks which will allow Creators to develop a 2nd layer of monetization. On top of the system previously described, the Patron will receive an sToken(ERC-721) indicating that he owns that staking position. This NFT allows many new interesting perks to be developed.

The staking dashboard could look something like this

The main difference from the current stakes.social dashboard is that there is a possibility to create use cases for the sToken. In this case, for example, sTokens metadata can be used as way to accumulate points - sToken points - and those points could be exchanged for any perks offered by the Creator.

In this example, sTokens could be used as a key to join a private Discord, agora.space could be used to create this locked Discord that is Unlocked by holders of the respective Creator sToken NFT.

Games and Premium content could be bought by exchanging them with sToken Points, a point system that could reflect the total amount of DEV Rewards given to the Creator (could be in terms of USD to get even more complex and variable). The sToken itself or the points mentioned could also be used to access or buy alpha/beta version of a certain game.

As we can see, the idea here was to show you how sTokens can be malleable and bring unique perks designed by Creators to their Patrons. This way their Projects (Games) can be further monetized and they can reward their community. It’s an excellent mechanism for community building and has nearly infinite ways of creating benefits with all the characteristics intrinsic to a project.


What have you done!!! This is so cool! :exploding_head:. Great content!

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