Potential sTokens use cases - Anime

Inspired by this tweet and the potential of this market for Dev Protocol, I decided to write about ideas for use cases of sTokens and Otaku Coin.

Remember, these ‘Potential sTokens use cases’ articles are mostly about me brainstorming and trying to help dApp developers and Creators to come up with new ideas, so, these ideas are not exclusive for Otaku coin for example, anyone can use them.

What is Otaku Coin?

From their website

  • Otaku Coin is a community currency that connects people around the world who love otaku culture including anime, manga, and games, and aims to further develop Japanese culture.

From what we can see, their goals align perfectly with what Dev Protocol wants to achieve: maximize creativity bringing the community closer to creators.

From their Roadmap we can see that they are interested in creating a fundraising platform. This could be done using Dev Protocol! Let’s see how sTokens can help them with that.

sTokens on a Fundraising Platform

Imagine they create Funding Platform that uses Dev Protocol, if they try to recreate something like Patreon or Kickstarter for anime artists, some interesting use cases for the sTokens might appear.

Currently a Patreon Creator Page looks like this, for example - Fran Meneses

She has special membership perks depending on how much a Patron donated per month and discord benefits.

Replicating this idea is an excellent use case for the sTokens with extra benefits that only blockchain allows to exist.

  • First, a Patron would be sharing rewards with the artist, so it doesn’t feel the same as paying a monthly subscription fee. It feels like investing on the artist and being paid for it.

  • Second, blockchain makes the community even closer than any web2 platform allows to. Using Dev Protocol as a funding and community building base with an integration with projects that provide gated content - like Agora Space, Mintagate or Unlock Protocol - sTokens could even let active community members own and decide the future of their favorite project.

sTokens as a Perks gating system

Imagine that sToken holders could also vote on the way that an anime story develops, the Creator could give their own Patrons this power.

For example, look at this Kickstarter page Creators set a general funding goal and creates Perks for individual donations with correspondent minimum amount of Euros donated.

sTokens can do the same, Creators could set goals of funding and what happens when a certain goal is reached. After reaching those Patrons (sToken Holders) of that project could unlock content that are valuable for them as community members.

To make this different from what we currently have on Dev Protocol and closer to Kickstarter, let’s play with the Dev Protocol tokenomics and come up with a new funding solution for a specific pledged goal, will call it Funding Accelerator.

Imagine an artist that needs a certain amount of money to kickstart his project. Dev Protocol holders and fans could set an amount of they want to contribute, up to - hypothetically - 10% of the goal individually, if they have that amount in their wallet. In this case, for a goal to be reached the project would need at least 10 Patrons.

This way the amount of Tokens needed could be reached fast - the Creator wouldn’t need to wait to accrue rewards and a minimum quorum of fans would need to be formed, unlike a donation these tokens could be replenished by both Creator + Staker rewards.

These Patrons could be the judges of the development of the project and if the goal is reached in a satisfactory way. If the first goal for example is $1000, at least 10 Patrons can give the project up to $100 in DEV, and start accruing rewards at a 64% APY until the $100 are replenished.

If the second goal is $1200, these $200 could come from the Creator rewards and be locked, they would only be released to the Creator if he achieves that goal and the Patrons vote for it, to incentivize voting, patrons could get 10% of the pool rewards for voting, for example, regardless of the outcome.

If the Creator stops developing his project he can receive a time penalty (not being allowed to Create new project pools) and all of the Creator Rewards get burned, some of them can go to the Dev Protocol Treasury and some to the Patrons that participated.

This simple idea is just to show that Dev Protocol ecosystem can fit into any type of type of Creator niche, and, with blockchain technology, fans can be closer and have more power than any other platform.

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