Perks for the community pool

The idea of community pool was originally suggested by Justcrazy in the forum, and there have been many discussions about it.
One of them is the perks for the staking of the community pool. Since this is the first perks in the, we’d like to know your feedbacks and ideas.

Here’s a draft of the community pool perks :

  • 500 DEV ~ : NFT + unlock exclusive discord role for subscribers

  • 1000 DEV : early announcement and access before the official release of Clubs

  • 2000 DEV : early announcement and access before the official release of Clubs + Access to the following :

  1. Becoming a curator of activities he/she is interested in (if the curated tweets exceed 50, he/she gets gift at DEV shop worth less than $30. He/She will be invited to the Hall of Fame as a top curated winner.)

  2. Participation to Milanote to join the monthly college art collection (access is managed by Discord).

FYI : Community Pool reference : Dev protocol community pool

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Hi, would these be in addition to the streaming subscription services?
The perks need to be considered in the context o f staking gas costs. I am Dev Protocol’s biggest fan but I want to be honest to help make things better. I decided to join the highest tier for Temples DAO. But the staking process didn’t work, and if it had of worked the cost of gas would have meant it would take at least 2 years to earn back in interest the cost of gas. And the perk was the opportunity to order and pay for bespoke artwork… But I am pretty sure I can order and pay for bespoke artwork from an artist without staking on their DAO.
So my point is, the product needs to be SLICK. No member of the public can be expected to join a discord and ask for help with staking on clubs. If I subscribe to a channel on Patreon I don’t expect the website to time out and for me to have to join a web forum to ask for help. I expect it to work first time.
And whatever the perks are, they need to give me some benefit that is more than the cost of me staking. Justcrazy’s idea has been the best yet because it is a real benefit that would cost money in the real world.
How about something for big stakers? Like, get Temples DAO to design an NFT artwork limited to just 10. If you stake 10k DEV for 3 months you get one of these NFTs. I can’t see why I would want early access to a club? The only benefit would be for traders to learn early about news on the way. Is that legal? There is an idea!