Perks and Creator economy

Subscription based model has become popular in century. Actually it has been in our lifes even before internet was popular. Even in Century, it was recorded in history of first examples of subscription based models which is Scribes manuscripts.

Today there are many examples of subscription based models. But lets focus on how subscription based model affected creator economy. Many people have subscribed to National Geographic for example. It was exciting and the content was impossible to reach that time. Many of us have subscribed to services such as Netflix or Spotify for example. In order to reach those content and benefit their services.

But with time, subscription based model has improved so much. Lets take a look at some examples. Twitch which is a streaming platform offers subscription service. But not only for the platform itself but for the creators that are using. The fans can subscribe to their favorite creators and benefit some advantages such as access to special chat etc…

One of the most succesfull subscription based model we can say dependent on the profit and usage is OnlyFans. OnlyFans is a platform used by various creators to offer gated content that is only accesible through subscription. Last year the Company paid nearly 5 billion $ to creators and had revenue around 2.5b$.

Looking at the metrics, we can tell subscription based model has a bright future. Dev Protocol is also aimed to build a subscription based model for both creators and supporters to benefit with #web3 tools. Staking service will empower this. Staking is sustainable and a great tool for utility of $DEV tokens.

Right now Dev Protocol is also working on a great and revolutionazing tool for the ecosystem which is Perks. Perks is mechanism build on blockchain. Creators can offer various perks through Dev Protocol dapps for their supporters. They can offer tiers or some staking amount in order to recieve these perks. You can also check first Which is the first DAO that is build on Dev Protocol ecosystem. They are offering various tiers of perks for their supporters. Starting from 400 to 10k Dev, the supporters can choose most benefical tier for theirselves.

With many coming clubs and creators, get ready to experience many more perks. $DEV is decentralised #creatoreconomy :space_invader: