OSS for Science


I strongly believe that science is one of the best things that we can support with Dev Protocol. Science is always underfunded and often limited as a result. We all know that a helicopter recently took flight on Mars – but did you know that it relied on a variety of OSS to do so? Or that the OSS developers were relying on grants and donations from Github users? I wonder how much more could have been raised if those software projects were also on Dev.

I would love to see Dev Protocol take the first step to bridge the crypto world and the world of natural science with regards to funding. As such, I have created this thread and would like others to share relevant, science-related OSS projects and leads that the Dev Protocol team can reach out to about possible funding.

I’ll start, since I brought this up:


Pangeo is first and foremost a community promoting open, reproducible, and scalable science. This community provides documentation, develops and maintains software, and deploys computing infrastructure to make scientific research and programming easier. The Pangeo software ecosystem involves open source tools such as xarray, iris, dask, jupyter, and many other packages.


Great idea, hopefully there’s a way the project could ‘headhunt’ scientific projects to reach out to, might be something to discuss in the AMA


I thought it was a great idea. thank you very much :laughing:
I don’t understand the details yet, but I’m in favor of adding science to the market in the future, and I think it matches the Incuvator program.


This is why I was interested in Dev Protocol in the first place, I hope that a science funding dapp comes out soon, not only natural sciences, I think every researcher could be funded by Dev Protocol, it’d be great to see.

I’d move all my DEVs to my favorite researcher if she was listed there tbh.


Science and Technology :star_struck: that is a perfect match in terms of innovation. We definitely need to support science since this is very costly, some people stop their projects because of a lack of funds.

Up for this!