Open source software DEX

Hey everyone,

I had an idea popping up earlier today: the OSS dex.

We all know that projects that list on get dropped 10m ‘project tokens’. Currently there is no place to trade such tokens. My idea is as following: on the OSS dex you will be able to trade those tokens against DEV ( DEV will be the base pair of the dex )


  • OSS tokens will be tradeable
  • Brings demand for DEV
  • Overall boost for the DEV ecosystem

This is one of the best new ideas for further use cases of the DEV token.
Liquidity pools with DEV could be formed, if there’s demand for a token, other exchanges our create pools as well, increasing the demand of the Creator Token and for DEV in cases of bot arbitrage.
A fee could also be introduced, further increasing the utility of DEV.

It would also be pretty different from every other DEX that exists, with this Creator/Social tokens focus.

I’m all for it.


If we could implement this for DEV this would be absolutely awesome! Definitely would help to increase the usecase of DEV and be a first-mover in this space.


Great idea, it would really help in a major ways that I can think of:

  1. Add utility for DEV as it would be the base pair (as stated by Moonski)
  2. Encourage developers to issue tokens and really make use of the sandbox
  3. Drive home some of the key differentiators between Dev Protocol and other grant based projects (i.e. Gitcoin)

One thing I wanted to add here is that it should be a Dev DEX or Creator DEX, to be future-proof

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Thanks to everyone who came up with this great suggestion!
Improving the liquidity of OSS tokens is definitely one of the plans we want to do. :muscle:

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I posted this in the middle, sorry.


  • Increasing the value of OSS tokens will create another way for creators to raise funds.
  • Creators can use DEV tokens they earn from creator rewards to provide the liquidity of their OSS tokens.
  • Stakers can earn a part of the creator rewards by getting a creator token.
  • Creators and supporters can become more engaged in the project.

we need to proceed with the legal review of creator tokens.
We have found that it varies from country to country, with some countries being more sensitive than others.

If you have an idea of what OSS DEX looks like, please let us know in more detail. :slight_smile:


The idea is, Creators could use their own tokens minted with DEV on the exchange. I don’t think there’s a need for legal review over that, isn’t it?

The DEX could just be a SUSHI fork or something like that, with DEV being the only trading pair.

Creators could launch their own version of Geyser Distributing their own tokens to DEV-TOKEN’X’ liquidity providers, this could be a good alternative for some and would actually be really good for the ecosystem, since they’d get value from other token, relieve the DEV ecosystem from sell pressure AND increase the APY% of Stakes Social.
i.e. Imagine Signal onboards Dev Protocol, they get their token and decide that it’ll have a nice use case. If there was an DEV OSS DEX they could straight away launch their token pool, create a Geyser program, DEV holders that feel that accumulating and getting more SIGNAL tokens is in their best interest would provide liquidity on that pool.


Thankyou P for writing this down and illustrating it. This is exactly what I meant!

An OSS DEX would bring enormous value to the DEV token itself but also immediately to the projects that get listed on

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In fact, this is what I was looking for.

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