Open Markets and implement curation scheme

Currently, the addition of Markets requires a pass by on-chain governance. The main reasons for this are to ensure the authentication mechanism’s legitimacy and reduce the risk of an aggressive spike in the number of assets.

This concept allows you to open up and add more Markets at will. There are two motivations for writing this concept.

  • There is no way to guarantee 100% of the authenticity of the authentication mechanism. Therefore, although the pre-voting system has some deterrent power, it is essentially a meaningless wall.
  • There is no way to guarantee 100% that the number of assets will not spike. This requires more difficult judgment than the correctness of the authentication mechanism. Therefore, this also has the nature of a meaningless wall.
    • Besides, dealing with the rapid increase in the inflation rate can be improved by suggesting a new Policy. The existence of multiple solutions to a problem adds unnecessary complexity.

In short, if the pre-voting system isn’t certain enough, the approach of opening it up and curating credible Markets may work better.

Curation scheme

For curation, use external curation protocols, build it into Dev Protocol, or develop Dev Protocol’s own curation protocol. Allowing multiple curation lists to be selected, like Uniswap, may allow Dev Protocol to focus on delivering its true value.


There is already a suggestion to add a category layer called Sectors to the lower layers of Markets. Sectors aim to remedy the problem of sharing APY with Markets in different creative areas. DIP-41 can be replaced by LLDP when “Supports multi tokens with Dev Protocol as a framework (LLDP)” is implemented in the future. Therefore, if the community accepts LLDP, the community can implement this proposal ahead of DIP-41 and LLDP.

If this concept is accepted and well discussed, I will organize the spec as a DIP.

We welcome your opinions.