Open Market for Websites

I was thinking about the current implementation of the Github market, the roadmap to implements NPM market, and the whole thing about Open Source Software.

I think it was a good idea to start with OSS because developers may be early adopters of the project. But on the other hand, we stay very limited to growth.

First time I see the project I was interested in expanding it to communities and mainly to charity. Recently I was looking for projects that do it and found one that is doing well.
Some people commented on the Telegram group that we cannot miss the time.

So, after some thought, I came with the idea to implements what I’m calling the Open Website Market.

The idea is to allow anyone to submit their own website to be able to receive rewards from patron’s stakes.

No matter if the website is from a software project, or a community, or a Youtuber or a charity. Any URL can be accepted.

In the submission process, Khaos can validate a domain or a page.

Suppose that the wallet address that will be used to sign on the blockchain is xxxx

If the user is submitting a domain, he/she will have to add a TXT record with your own wallet address on DNS, like:

TXT “devprotocol-auth=xxxxx”

If the user is submitting a page, this information should be put to a meta tag on the page, like:

This way we can assure that the person who is submitting the URL, owns the domain or the website.

Among that, we can offer a javascript widget for users to use on their websites, something like a button called “Stake for Me”, where the website’s visitors can become patrons directly from the website.

It would be super cool if in this case, the visitor can deposit ETH on a smart contract that would automatically do the swap to DEV and stake for the current site.

With this solution, much more people can spread the idea of DEV Protocol and become a creator to receive rewards.

It is up to the patrons to choose for whom they want to stake for.

For me, this is both a feature and a growth hack.

I can only see advantages to go with that approach. Am I missing something?

Let me know your ideas.


Github and OSS tokenization is one vertical that should be fully completed before moving on to something else. It’s an incredibly lucrative market to tap into, and it’s important that we have a specific niche to tackle as opposed to going after a breadth of assets to start. Every great start up starts small and expands, not the other way.

Take Amazon for example. They realized the power of the internet and online shopping, and opened a book store. They only sold books. Then, with more market research and experience under their belt expanded the business quite successfully.

Spreading yourself too thin is the bane of many company’s existences, and a blockchain protocol is no different. I support the team’s decision to attack one vertical at a time.

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I agree with the idea to tackle one vertical and put all efforts into that.
Dream big, start small, baby steps, etc…
But why not already have one solution that one person or another, from another market, can use and become slowly adopting!?
Even for OSS this idea can work. Any good project has its own website/domain.


Every OSS already has its domain. On Github. A standardized way to post reports, updates, etc. Plus we can check for karma to see if it’s not a scam.

How would we do that if we allowed “anyone to submit their own website to be able to receive rewards”?

This would require another complex system and functionalities, and I agree with SyctheSwap that it’s not the time to do that.

Thank you, rafaelp!
We always welcome suggestions for openness. :slight_smile:

Tokenization of websites is what we have been asking for for a while.
It would be surely great if it was a valuable website, but unfortunately we need to consider that there are also fraudulent websites as well. We think that we should be more careful about things like websites, which can be easily created by anyone.

As a first step, we have thought about starting with a domain such as ac, which can only be owned by recognized organizations. What do you think?

And, “Stake for me” button is difinitely one of the ideas we want to create since launch. Web components are the best way to do this. ( @aggre says ) :smiley:

As Mayu wrote, openness is essentially a challenge for the protocol to tackle. In fact, passing the on-chain governance will immediately activate any Markets. Markets do not have to be created by the centralized team. Anyone can develop it. It’s already possible now.
So what we need to think about is:

  1. Who will develop new Markets?
  2. Who can drive growth in new Markets?
  3. How can we support those who have the ability to do them?

My idea is to give incentives to education and support by the community (including the team, of course). I think the forum is the best place to do that. Of course, the team is trying to get the developer documentation infrastructure before completing the incentive design. @rafaelp You also helped us!

Thanks for the answers guys! Let’s keep the good work :wink:
And count on me for whatever I can help.
Will take a look on all dev kits you already have.

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If you have something to know about Dev-kit, please ask @Kawakami :slight_smile:
It would be nice if this forum had a place for such questions for developers!

First time I see the project I was interested in expanding it to communities and mainly to charity.

I’m the same I see Dev and see how many areas it could help and influence. I like the Charity side of things it would give Dev another really worthwhile area to support.

I would like to see in the future all these different areas and communities have general staking pools that splits the reward out between projects under that tag as well as there own staking.