New Karma System - Proposal

After thinking about it, the most simple and best way to do it is exactly what @Rob suggested. A linear 5(X) Point ‘Karma’ = Withdraw limit + other things a day system.

What I think that @Rob suggested, and I think it was what would work the best is that this new Point system completely substitutes the DIP-55. Withdraw limits grow daily and the the can only happen by exchanging points.

This would ‘force’ creators to interact with the Protocol to have better funding, since it could get increased by community ‘small village’ voting. Causing positive impacts on the Protocol, from the community perspective.

They shouldn’t, Stakers should be free to stake and withdraw.

I tend to think that, the common sense would be that they shouldn’t. But from my perspective, they should, we should use their incentive to ‘capture’ the system in the protocol’s advantage. They would have to buy a lot of DEVs to have any sort of control or influence and hold them to do so. So, I think that this is a positive thing.

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This is true. I think a hybrid of dip-55 and the community votes to increase the limit for bespoke creators will just cause confusion. It will be cleaner to abolish and use points for everything in my opinion.

Good idea but I personally would say let’s save the linear adjustments till creators are familiar with the point system. Best to start with a fix number accruing per day, it’s simple and easy to market.

I don’t quite understand what you mean here - but my ideas were only relating to the withdrawal limit, yes.

Agreed. I don’t think there is much point integrating a points system for stakers. I had only envisioned this being for creators. Voter’s should be stakers not creators - I agree.

Yes that’s correct but I would use the word accumulate rather than grow as the number of points per day stays the same.


Don’t quite follow this…