My expenses on bridging from L1 Ethereum to Arbitrum L2

Today i have bridged my Dev Funds from L1 to Arbitrum.

So first of all when i did the transactions eth price were around 4700$ and gwei was around 120.

Unstaking funds on L1 cost me around 170$.

Wrapping has 2 transactions. First transaction cost me 30$. Second transaction which made my devs Wrapped cost me around 75$.

Bridging the wrapped Dev to Arbitrum cost me around 75$ also.

Moving ETH to Arbitrum also cost around 75$.

So if you are staking on L1. Unstaking funds and moving the Dev and ETH to Arbitrum will cost around

425$ when gwei is around 120.

Note = If gwei is half of it, the costs will go 2x less. But since last few months it is hard to find the gas price low.

Costs on Arbitrum

Arbitrum is atleast 5x cheaper than Ethereum itself.

Staking on Arbitrum has 2 transaction. First approving and than staking. Both will cost around 25-40$ on eth to stake on a project. While it was costing 170$ on L1, 25$ is much more sustainable. Also Arbitrum has plans on upgrading to Turbo version. Turbo will be much cheaper than current version.

Note = When doing a transaction on Arbitrum, manually lower the gas required. Normally it requires around 2,9. Automatically lower it to 1,7 or maybe less. Transaction will still complete under 10 seconds and it will be cheaper.

Withdrawing from Arbitrium

Withdrawing from Arbitrum takes around 8 days. The best way is to use crosschain bridges. can be a problem solver. I did a demo and the results are like this.

Withdrawing from Arbitrum to Ethereum mainnet cost 0.03 Ethereum. So its around 140$.

Withdrawing from Arbitrum to Polygon costs around 0.0002 Weth. So less than 1$. So for withdrawing, the fastest and cheapest way will be using hop bridge (or other legit crosschain bridge) and using arbitrum to polygon chain (or other cheap chain solutions).

Uniswap on Arbitrum

Swapping on Arbitrum will cost around same as staking transaction. So it is dependent on the gas.

Last notes =

I suggest always checking gas price before making a transaction. Because sometimes gas price goes crazy on Eth network and Arbitrum will also suffer from this.