Modified INITTO

Spec of INITTO

  • INITTO was created by 11ty.
  • Github | GitHub - dev-protocol/initto
  • INITTO is 2 language support, English and Japanese
  • English article | src/posts
  • Japanese article | src/ja/posts
  • Every article has a OGP file
  • Articles images store at here | src/images/posts


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modified TOP page design

  • Every article has a OGP images. I want use it for thumbnail at Top page like medium.
    Dev Protocol – Medium

  • I want to make the latest article stand out, so I want to make the Thumbnail bigger than the other articles

  • I thought that top pages article information has image, title, writer name, updated

  • If possible, I think it would be nice to have a function that can pick up articles.

Add API for display article at website

  • API that can get the latest 5 articles
  • API give some information thumbnail URL, title, writer name, updated

Thanks @rafaelp

Regarding API development, I thought it would be better to set up an endpoint that outputs JSON of the article.

What do you mean by “a function that can pick up articles”?

“Pick up” is added to the parameter of the article, and the article whose parameter is true is fixedly displayed on the TOP page.
If more than one true is set, it would be ideal if it could be shown in a slide show.

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Amazing :star_struck:
I will check it later. Thank you so much :bowing_man:

I commented at PR. Please check it in your free time

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Thanks @rafaelp
I will check it later.

Thank you. I did approve and deploy about 1 PR

Let me know if you want any change on the others PR

Thanks ! I’ll check it today :bowing_man:

Thank you very match :smiley: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi, @rafaelp

I have reverted this change. The reason is that I already had links to other sites, so when the new links were created, the old links couldn’t be connected.
Can you make changes to redirect to the new link if the old link is accessed?

Done. The PR was updated.

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