Meet our new team member, Hiroki Omae from Unity 🖤

Hi, Dev friends :dove: :sparkles:
Today, I would like to introduce our new team member!

▼ Refference


We invited Hiroki Omae from Unity as an advisor to expand the new creator ecosystem of Dev Protocol. He will help raise awareness towards diverse range of creators and lead the growth of creator projects using the Dev Protocol. (So called as “Creator success”)


For the Dev Protocol network to grow, the creators are essential, and we need to hone the technology as a technology that they will be happy to use. For that, we needed someone who was very familiar with the creators’ business and knew how to lead their project to grow. The success of projects are directly related to the increase in the value of the creator tokens, which has a significant impact on the growth of the whole DEV ecosystem.


  • Who is Hiroki Omae?
    He is the one of key players in the growth of Unity since 2010 and its popularization in Japan. As a key person at Unity Japan, he has spoken at many large conferences for creators as well as has a deep knowledge about the creator world and how to build the platform.

  • Why we choose him?
    Unity is a platform used by a wide variety of creators, including developers, artists, and musicians, and it is constantly evolving. And while he is a very talented game developer himself, he has an incredible achievement of involving many creators around game industry and growing the platform.
    Even without those reasons, you can see why Aggre and I wanted to make him a companion in this video.

^ Brief Description of this video:
*Based on his belief, he made a world where anyone can make games, not for commerce. Instead of a few professional creators working for game companies making games, he spread a platform where anyone can make high-level indie games.
This is highly much in line with our vision of maximizing creativity.

  • What will he do with the team?
    The main focus is to share his experience in growing creator businesses, raising awareness of the new technology and building platforms to grow the Dev ecosystem. We have already held weekly meetings and have received so much useful feedback from him.

We plan to share our insights from his valuable feedback in the forum as well.

More to come! :muscle:


Omae-san has deep technical literacy and always gives us keen insights that are not bound by superficial events! What creators need, why Dev Protocol is decisively different from other funding protocols/platforms, insights on how to mass-adapt them… I look forward to continuing to post exciting ideas here based on the insights I gained from my conversations with him.


Wow :sparkles: from Unity :100: Nice to meet you Hiroki :tada:


Exciting! Welcome Omae :slight_smile:


Glad to have you around Omae san :pray:t2: