Marketing events for L2

Hi all

There is no doubt the current gas prices are limiting the use of staking and the L2 intergration will be a great help to resolve this.

I feel like we need to make a big thing out of this and get some attention on the project.

My thoughts and suggestions are to transfer a lot of rewards received by the Dev team by people staking on them (community fund) to the L2 and use it to promote this

We need to do several of these:

  1. Infographic contest, 3 prizes e.g. infographic on how to transfer to the L2 and use the L2 to stake. Rewards are 1st 100 Dev, 2nd 50 Dev, 3rd 20 Dev only issued on the L2.
  2. Celebration of the event give away, e.g. join socials and tag friends and respond why you would stake a project on stakes social.
  3. Stake on L2 and provide proof to win xx
  4. Small Airdrop to all stakers who use the L2 and are staked at a set date in the future (but unknown until the air drop is announced)

Please add to my ideas or any feedback you have


Great ideas. I think a infographic for L2, maybe some kind of video or one pager and with rewards will be really good so community can come with great content.

And maybe a giveaway for members who staked on L2 inside first month will fasten this process.



Another idea is to airdrop DEV tokens to the first 100 people who stake on L2.


I think it is a good idea to give some incentives to L2 users.
Personally, I’d be happy if they did it next year or so due to the Japanese tax system.


Great idea Midge! Always great to see these thoughts up in this board :muscle:t2:.


I think that we can do number 1 and number 2!

Let’s try this. BTW there will be incentives to move between L1 and L2 :slight_smile:


Thanks for your suggestions!
I like all the ideas here and would love to proceed them. :+1:

Plus we will be releasing our official mascot soon. :clown_face: So mascot meme campaign right after L2 can works to boost it.


I think this discussions here against stakers.
It is also very important to move creators from L1 to L2 since the tokenomics are based on creator assets and staking amounts. If creators do not migrate to L2, L2 APY will soon drop.

For creators, L2 has the opportunity to attract a lot of staking in a small number of creators in the first place, but do we need further incentives for creators to move to L2?

I’d like to hear your opinions. :slightly_smiling_face:


The event details already posted:

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