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@maki_coin - 仮想通貨ママコイナー
Maki is a web writer and has been covering crypto for her Japanese audience since 2017. According to some fonts she’s a very credible source of information.

Amount of followers
Engagement rate

Targeted population and why it is relevant
Maki could help us spread the word on Dev Protocol to the Japanese community, creators and investors. Our Japanese community feels very small, I feel she could help us make it grow.

Write a detailed thread - minimum 7 tweets - on Twitter explaining Dev Protocol to your Japanese followers. Few key points that could be mentioned:

  • Use cases of DEV
  • talk about stakes social
  • mention other japanese projects
  • APY
  • mention that Dev is Japanese, but the Japanese community is still small

20 DEV

The community through the committee and the team will judge the post to approve the claim.


Thank you! Maki san has been interested in Dev Protocol. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I contacted maki san a few months ago and she is writing an article about Dev Protocol. I’ll ask her if she’s having any help with article.


Oh really? that’s a great coincidence! I hope this creates a little bit more of an incentive for her to help us :slight_smile:

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7 days have passed but maki is still working on something, she should get more time.