Liquidity Programm for WETH:DEV on Uniswap V3

With the launch of Uniswap V3, let us consider a liquidity program for Uniswap V3.

Share my thoughts here:

  • There is the Concentrated Liquidity on V3, but the liquidity program rewards you regardless of the specified range. In other words, the liquidity program indifferent to the effectiveness of the ranges.
  • The basic concept is that liquidity rewards work better as the amount of WETH and DEV deposited and the longer they are provided.
  • V3’s liquidity program is pilot and starts with a short-term/small size. Then a stable version will be released.
  • There is no problem running parallel with the Uniswap V2 liquidity program( = forked Geyser ).

Please let me know your opinion.

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I have to educate myself better on the V3 benefits over V2. But yeah, if a forked Geyser is implemented on V3 it could be a great idea if its running on parallel even though I don’t know if that would increase the slippage if current liquidity gets thinned and distributed on both Vs


Yeah nice project sir go to moon #dev protocol

I think with Uni v3 the liquidity rewards are only “good” when you supply for the ideal ranges, and this must be adjusted frequently. It would in theory be almost worthless to try to do this manually. There are platforms like Visor that can help with this, as they have devised strategies that automatically adjust the liquidity provisions for the user.