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Islandview Digital - (group just created in case you want to get in touch) - is a recently founded VR real estate development firm that seeks to synergistically leverage its landholdings in Decentraland to help increase visibility and public awareness for Dev Protocol.

On the DCL map the area for the development would be red parcels, the green square being one of DCL’s genesis plaza’s (Asian Plaza) and the dark blue being Dragon City (the largest development estate in DCL, targeted at Chinese users and developers)

The first phase of our marketing campaign would entail the construction of a 3-story, 12 advertisement rotating, illuminated billboard, and use each of the boards to promote a different Dev creator/project, or post whatever other related content/images may be necessary. each board also can be used as an interactive link.
The DCL location targeted for development would be adjacent to one of DCL’s genesis plazas and Dragon City, the largest development estate in DCL, built for Chinese users and developers.

Help with Installation and debugging efforts would be undertaken with consultation from members of the Blockrunner podcast, who also operate Metazone, a marketplace for DCL developers from which the billboard will be purchased.

Engagement rate

Target population and why it is relevant
A guerilla marketing campaign operated from the Decentraland parcels held by Islandview Digital could help make Dev Protocol known to the denizens of the metaverse. Considering the kinds of structures that companies like Binance and influencers like Chico have constructed to serve as metaverse “headquarters”, and to use alongside their social media efforts and to link to places like github (see images below), a presence in DCL could be a substantial asset in terms of public engagement and having a metaverse “home” for a community.

This could be used by DEV official account to attract more VR enthusiast to Stakes Social. They also are in touch with the blockrunner podcast which could talk about Dev Protocol place on Decentraland.

The equivalent of 420 MANA in DEV at the time of the claim transaction.

The community through the committee and the team will judge the post to approve the claim.


It is wonderful!
I’d like to confirm, does this advertising tower display the OSS tokenized by the Dev Protocol and become an advertisement?
I’m sorry if I’m wrong

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Yep! That’s what we had in mind. We imagined that each screen on the tower could be used to promote a creator, community, project, etc. or display general DEV advertising. Each screen/ad is also an interactive link. Having only opened to the general public in February of 2020, Decentraland is currently one of the flagship blockchain-based metaverses, with lots of room to grow in usership. :slight_smile:


Very interesting! I want to see it at Decentraland soon!
Feel free to tell us if you have the information you need. I will support


Awesome! We would love to see it manifest. Thanks so much! :slight_smile:


Hi! Thanks for suggesting, @Pdot . This plan is really cool!
I would love to try this kind of metaverse :slightly_smiling_face:

May I ask a little more about the plan?

  • Who will manage the space and oparate this promotion?
  • Is this a permanent? or limited time?
  • Is it possible to update the 12 ads?

I would appreciate it if I could get some kind of guide. Thanks!


No Problem!

The campaign would be directed by myself and my partner Suzi, the founding members of Islandview Digital, she’s also quite excited for the campaign. We also saw ourselves working closely with your marketing committee.

In terms of timeframe we imagined it to be a longer-term process, as DCL is quite likely to continue growing in usership by leaps and bounds over the next few years, as it is already the most populated Blockchain metaverse and largest by market cap (Just under $2bil). What’s more, we see the value in Dev Protocol long-term and would love to build a strategic partnership in the metaverse, so we did not imagine any time limits as of now.

As for the Billboard - Absolutely, we can switch out the Ads and links on the advertisement at will, just like a digital advertisement tower IRL. Just as well, the DEV community could use twitter to drive traffic from traditional social media to your space in the metaverse.

In fact, we have imagined that future phases of this campaign would entail the installation of not only a Dev-Specific Ad tower, but also an in-metaverse DEX station where VR creators or explorers in the space could swap MANA for DEV, the native currency of Decentraland (I also believe we can name it). We already own such an asset and would install it on our property next to the Ad tower at no extra cost to you guys. The user in-metaverse would see the station and interface below.

Here’s a bit of technical detail

Eventually, we would like to discuss creating a HQ or virtual structure for DEV protocol, considering Decentraland Retweeted their support for a Gitcoin HQ just the other day.

I’ve discussed a little bit of this with P, let us know if you think any of this could be useful :slight_smile:


We just went ahead and purchased the tower, we’re working to get it installed as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

Please let us know if there are any specific marketing materials or links you would like displayed, and definitely let us know if you have any further questions. We’ll certainly keep you posted. Thanks again!


will always support DEV,really great,cool

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