Is CreatorTokenMarketCap. Com far from reality? 📊

Back in time, investing in stock market was a risk for many people due to price volatitily and it was riskier than banks yields. But than cryptocurrencies come to the market. It was new and more exciting than normal stock market. Price volatitily was way higher, but in return the income was higher. It took many people’s attention to join crypto markets. Because it gave people chance to invest in technology. Be a part of the project. Today total crypto market worth over 2.5 Trillion Dollar.

While eating my breakfast today, we had a little chat with my brother. He is a follower of many Twitter and Youtube crypto influencers. He told me about a influencer and said that he had only like 10k followers when my brother found about him. Now he has 500k followers. My brother said he was sure about that influencers growth.

The idea just struck me. It is what Dev Protocol is building. The creators economy. Over 2000 OSS devolopers joined the Dev ecosystem with their projects and own creators tokens. Roughly %5 of them interacted with the community and stakers. At this point it was abit harder to build token economy for OSS projects.

Especially u-Zomia and Cobogo joining Dev Protocol ecosystem. With both focusing on building creator economy on Youtube, worlds biggest video streaming platform. Youtube has over 2.3 billion users every month. Making it the second most used social media platform in the world. Creators are pretty much interacted with their followers on youtube. But there is a gap between them. Because their followers are not much than followers.

Dev Protocol’s u-Zomia and Cobogo can break this gap between these parties. It can open a new level of collobration between fans and creators. sTokens and Perks will be the bridge for this. After that point. Next level of economy will start to pop. ‘Economy of creators tokens’.

Since youtube has many users and its comparatively easier to give perks to fans for a youtuber. Over time they will be able to give value for their creator tokens. For example a DAO for the fans, or some kind of revenue sharing mechanism can work on long term. This will open new ideas for every creators. OSS creators, Youtubers, Twitter influencers, Artists and everyone who creates something will be able to give value to their tokens.

So at this point, CreatorTokenMarketCap. Com is not far from reality. For example funding a youtuber when they have 10k followers. They can give some portion of their tokens to the supporters. Imagine how much will they worth when the youtuber reaches over 10m followers. It will create a whole new market. Which will be even more exciting than even crypto. Dev Protocol will for sure be the pioneer of this building economy.


Awesome read brother! I honestly want to buy this domain lol

SocialMarketCap, nice way to make some bucks out of the inevitable future.