Introducing Dev Protocol to modders

Hello Dev team and investors,

So in the gaming community we have certain hobbyist who modify their favourite games to introduce new graphics, new gameplay, fix bugs or even create a new whole game based on the original game structure (for example 2 modders created the renown game called Counter strike which was depending on the half life gaming structure)

Because modders don’t get paid for the modifications they bring to the gaming community they mostly depend on patrons, buymeacoffee and other services. I for one would love to see such modders on in the near future


Awesome idea! The indie video game mod scene is immense and many projects struggle for money. The perk idea would work nicely in the scenario of staking for a gaming company.


Great idea!

Dev should try to enter as many niches as the can, the token honestly has infinite niches that it could be applied to and, this one is an excellent idea.

If I may ignore that timeline to make my comment easier, it’s a crazy cool idea and I hope it comes to fruition!

It would be ideal if we could do some user testing or user interviews with them to understand their needs and issues. In that sense, it would be nice to develop a simple program to support them with OSS applications. Is there anyone who can make that? :grin:

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I think this is a very great idea.

This is mainly the case in Japan, where the act of modifying a copyrighted game may be criticized.

As an aside, Japan’s Financial Services Agency and Cultural Affairs Agency may be very sensitive to such cases.


To address these concerns you could only allow games that have made developer/mod tools publicly available and also special cases where a mod team has been given access to the source code to change it.

elcome to Nexus Mods

We host 308,663 files for 1,264 games from 125,339 authors serving 26,568,372 members with 4,669,730,308 downloads to date. We support modding for all PC games. If you can mod it, we’ll host it.

This site is the where I go for my game Mods getting something with them opens up a huge market and it fits nicely alongside the OSS projects since its PC and coding related.

While that is focused on PC Mods there is also other huge markets e.g. Apps, Indie games.


Great one Midget_Gems but how can we approach them? Does the dev team have any ideas about this topic?

Looking into this, it’s a great opportunity and niche that should be onboarded.