Insights into the relationship between supporters and creators

As a general rule, I think recently, and it occurs to me that the motivation to support someone is that the person being supported must be willing to accept that support. It is also important that the support is effective for the person. Isn’t the joy of the supporters basically the joy of the person being supported? That’s a personal insight I got from my personal feelings.

I use some subscription-based donation services to support creators. (Why not crypto? Yes, I just want to support them with the tools they want; there is no deeper meaning.) But when I get busy, I donate monthly without even knowing what the creators I support are up to these days. It’s a small amount, so it doesn’t hurt my wallet that much, but for some reason, it makes me sad when I remember. It’s completely my problem, but as my relationship with the creators fades, I sometimes wonder how much of an impact my donations have on them.

I want to support creators, and I want them to be pleased by my support as well. I am an amateur creator, but if I think about it from a creator’s perspective, I think it is important that the supporters enjoy my works. The existence of people who are looking forward to libraries I created, photos I take, whatever it is, is essential.

In my opinion, the relationship between supporters and creators is maximized when they can experience mutual joy. In other words, I think it is important that some kind of communication is established through the medium of support.

Ideally, this communication should increase in direct proportion to the number of supporters. Even if the number of supporters increases, if the communication from creators does not increase, the feeling of support will gradually fade away. However, it would be tough for creators to talk to each supporter, and it would be meaningless if it interfered with their creative activities. I would like to solve this dilemma. Communication is not limited to “talking.”

Our team members had a chance to discuss such as infrastructure for Staking Perks for a few days. Microsoft is also a little involved. Some of you may be wondering why use staking instead of purchase property tokens (capital). Since nothing is set in stone, I can’t answer detailed questions. The dilemma may be solved with perks and that infrastructure. The team needs to get a lot of insights now.

If you are a creator and can help us understand how to relate to supporters, please DM me on Discord or email me. I’d love to do a text interview or something when you’re ready.

I’m writing this late at night in Japan, so it’s a bit poetic :sweat_smile:. Sorry about that.