Incremental creator APY%

The geyser design was clever. The reward tiers successfully discouraged people from withdrawing from the geyser, and encouraged long term holding. The reason being: exiting the geyser resulted in them returning back to a lower apy for the first month.

It might be worth integrating this system wide.

So perhaps rather than having a fixed annual rate APY we adjust it so initially users have a lower apy for the first few months (say 3?) and incrementally rise it over that period. So they would hit the X5 after 90 days (which could equate to the current ~30% apy).

This incentivises people to stay in the Dev system rather than cashing out as doing so essentially earns them more money.

And there’s always the looming ‘if I withdraw I’m back to square one and earning a lower apy for 3 month’s’.

Not sure if it would mess with the tokenomics but I’m sure we could design it so it averaged out over the year to align with the amounts currently being awarded?


Hey, this is a really great idea. I hope the team can give some feedback.