Ideas about AMA #2

I would like to hold AMA #2 in the near future
I want to make AMA a good event, so I want to collect requests from everyone

Date : Mid May
Time : 12:00 (GMT)
Venue: DevV (online)
Contents :

  • Latest announcement from Dev Protocol
  • Introducing the Dev Protocol Roadmap
  • Question-and-answer session

The above content is a sample.
I want to know more and ideas based on this sample.
For example, when the holding time is good, I want to hear this content, I want to LT
The deadline for this is Thursday, May 06, 2021 / GMT

I would be happy if you could feel free to write it down.
Thank you


I’m going to use Slido as a way to collect questions as before

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I’d love to see an AMA in the telegram chat instead of DevV, most people don’t have the time or a good WiFi to join such session.

I propose the dev team hold an AMA in the telegram chat, first gather all the questions the members have, lock the chat for one hour or two and answer each question with your time. In this way people will be able to look up the answers even if they’re working or when they’re sleeping(because we all live in a different timeline)


Great idea! Most of the community is on Telegram, it’s also easily available to everyone, they just need their phones.


Exactly that, I’m looking forward for the team’s response on this suggestion

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Text chat is great way to communicate!
We want to use slido as well this time too.

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This was slido result of last AMA

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Should I post questions here?

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It’s hard to look back in Chat, so I think Slido is a good way to go. Or maybe it’s a good idea to create a Topic for your questions in the Forum.

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Thank you Pdot.
Please wait until the details of AMA are decided :laughing:

Don’t you want to hear the announcement live?

I’m sorry for pouring water.
If you care about me and use DevV, please use other means regardless of me.

Currently, the virtual space is very closed and the number of visitors is limited. We suggest Twitter Live for those who don’t know the Dev Protocol yet, and Zoom and YouTube for those who are already interested.
I think it’s enough to show project examples by other creators to spread DEV. Remember that DevV is a way to communicate in a closed and deep way.

DevV will also make changes from the current space again.


Hi everyone :wave:
Thank you for many ideas.
In summary, this time it seems that the format of collecting questions and answering them is good.

Date :

  • Question period / May 07, 2021 - May 14, 2021
  • Answer / May 18, 2021

How to accept questions :
Use Slido. Prepare a question page on Slido

I thought as above :smiley:

It looks like we picked up good momentum right now, could we shorten the question period?
Is it possible that you could also answer them on May 10th-14th?
I think this would take advantage of all the momentum and attention that we’re getting, and since the community doesn’t really need 1 week to elaborate questions ( we could do that in one day or two ) it’d be ideal.

Also, it would be great if you shared about this AMA in all of Dev’s media, it would send a clear message of transparency that we need.

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It is possible to shorten the question schedule period!
Let’s make it 10th ― 14th!

So, I would like to prepare and announce tomorrow Friday.


Perfect! Thank you Kawakami!

Hi community :wave:
I prepared bellow announce. Please tell me if you find miss or typo :pray:
I will post it by INITTO on Monday

Dev Protocol AMA #2

Dev Protocol AMA # 2 will be held on the following dates. Post future development plans, technical questions, etc. about the Dev Protocol

Holding period

2021/05/10 - 2021/05/14

Question method

If you would like to ask a question about Dev Protocol, please use the form below.

::Embed Slido form::

You can also ask questions from the URL below

:: URL ::

About the answer

Answers will be given at any time

We will continue to answer even after the holding period has passed

Prohibited matter

AMA prohibits questions and remarks that fall under the following, and if found, we will take measures such as deleting it without permission.

  • Remarks related to the price of DEV
  • Remarks recommending investment
  • Remarks showing superiority or inferiority in experience and level
  • Remarks that show the difference in education
  • Remarks that express socio-economic status
  • Remarks that are judged by nationality
  • Remarks such as appearance, race, religion, or gender identity and sexual orientation
    Use of sexual words and images
  • Insulting / derogatory comments
  • Personal or political attack
  • Public or private harassment
  • Disclosure of other people’s personal information such as address without permission

AMA has ended. Thank you very much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Questions that have answers will be answered at a later date.