How do we prioritize?

Everyone who suggested! Thank you so much :grin:

Some suggestions need to be prioritized in some way, as the team members need to act.

Please tell us a good way to do that. (Maybe @Kawakami san can find plugins for this forum?)


I think Poll is a good way to do it. It’s like this
Poll can be used as a standard function

  • Curry
  • Tacos
  • Ramen

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Each person has 2 votes, and the priority is higher in descending order of votes.

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Curry wins again! Best poll ever


So, what would be the top priority, among the 3 items listed by Aggre ?

Thanks for the trying! Voting plugin seems to be inappropriate for variable weighting because it works for options that are arbitrarily selected at a certain point in time.

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I figured it would be best if any option that attracted more likes than the specified number was automatically listed as a waitlist, and the team could respond to it with an arbitrary priority. So how many likes is appropriate?


Sorry, the team and I have not yet had enough time to determine these priorities.

I think that it is the same as the case of using likes and the poll function that you can have the same number of voting tickets as the question.
So I think the Poll function may still be a candidate.

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