Hiring P. as our community manager

Hello team, investors and programmers,

Our community member P. has been a great help to Dev Protocol every since he joined the project, he has helped by contacting projects to inform about Dev Protocol and has been helping keeping the community clean and friendly by keeping scammers and spammers away from the official and unofficial chat, and he even writes articles about Dev Protocol

So I was thinking, is the team looking to hire a community manager? Because P. would be a perfect candidate for such job (and we kinda need a community manager in general)

Thank you for your time


I agree.

P. has been constantly doing an amazing work, here in the forum, in twitter and on telegram, as if this was his job already.

It surprises me a bit he hasn’t been appointed as a community manager yet.


We’ll all agree that Sir P. is THE Man of the community.
Leading the village to success, he’s the best candidate.

Btw, french presidential elections are next year fren, think about it… Just enough time to get french nationality… Think about it. I’d vote for you too.


P would make for an amazing community manager, he’s been very active and promote Dev Protocol well.


I could see that you guys acknowledge P. san’s achievement. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the nice suggestion, we will consider it along with our plans. :memo:


Thanks for the love guys, it means a lot to me.
Let’s make DEV grow together :slight_smile:

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If someone deserves to be our community manager then that’s you friend :heart:


Thank you all for your great recommendations. :blush:
The team is always looking for help and would be very grateful for any form of assistance.
Please let us know if you have any recommendations! :yellow_heart: