@hajihajilemon - アンゴロウ@暗号資産研究 - Bounty

@hajihajilemon - アンゴロウ@暗号資産研究
Angorou is one of the biggest youtubers talking about crypto in Japan right now. He’s a crypto researcher and is very active on YouTube and Twitter.

Amount of followers
[27.3K Followers on Twitter]
[75.2K Followers on YouTube]
Engagement rate

Targeted population and why it is relevant
Angorou is a popular Youtuber in Japan, he could use his reach to explain Dev Protocol to the Japanese community, mentioning that it is a Japanese project with a small community. It’s an excellent way to onboard new Japanese community members and to get attention of the Japanese market.
Remember, the bounty isn’t necessarily supposed to buy your time. It’s just an incentive and a way to welcome you and your fan base to the Dev Protocol Community.

Create a detailed video about Dev Protocol - minimum 10 minutes - on YouTube explaining Dev Protocol to your Japanese viewers. Few key points that could be mentioned:

  • Use cases of DEV
  • talk about stakes social
  • mention other japanese projects
  • APY
  • mention that Dev is Japanese, but the Japanese community is still small
  • Microsoft for statups article
  • undervalued project at under $10 Million market cap
  • etc
    100 DEV


The community through the committee and the team will judge the video to approve the claim.

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