Governance Dapps for OSS


A disclosure of working on a set of Dapps that provide governance solutions for OSS.

Component Summary

  • Build some Dapps to provide democratically and fairly OSS organizational management and milestone management.
  • The users who have governance power in those Dapps are Property tokens holders or sTokens holders.


OSS has grown out of the hacker culture and is now embedded in the mainstream of business. However, its development structure still relies on a few core contributors. As a result, there is an imbalance between team structure and demand, leading to major problems. Dev Protocol is in a rare position that can solve this problem. We should understand the rarity of this position. That’s a decisive difference from many social tokens, which are aimed exclusively at a fan community.


This topic is about a big direction, and we should explain the details in a separate topic.

Agreed Collaborators

  • Dev Null AG / FRAME00, inc.

Missing Roles

  • None


Various incidents related to the management of OSS


These Dapps will be governed by people who stake via dev and earns tokens, correct? Sounds fascinating!

I wonder what kind of dapps we will see in the future. The perk side of staking always intrigued me.


This is excellent for the ecosystem. Having an easy to use governance dapp will have huge impact on Creator tokens usage imo.

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