@GetYaFaceMelted - Bounty

@GetYaFaceMelted is a crypto Twitter and Telegram influencer, he is very active on both social medias and he usually talks about low market cap gems.


Amount of followers

Engagement rate


Target population and why it is relevant
I think that @GetYaFaceMelted has a good reach for small cap crypto investors, he could help us spread the word on Dev Protocol.

Write a detailed thread - minimum 7 tweets - on Twitter explaining Dev Protocol and share it on Telegram:

  • Use cases of DEV - sustainably funding OSS, acting as an OSS ETF, building the Creator Economy
  • talk about Stake Social, DEV is a Social DeFi project, you can stake to fund your favorite project and get a 30% APY for it currently
  • Dev Mints Social Tokens
  • Dev Protocol team is the most active for small caps
  • DevNull in Switzerland, with Eelco Fiole, ex-Tezos CFO as a Director and Lead Governance
  • Honda, the famous football player, tech celebrity, with a crypto fund with will smith ( Dreamer’s Fund) tweeted about Dev Protocol
  • etc

$1000 in DEV at the time the bounty is completed and claimed

The community through the committee and the team will judge the post to approve the claim.


After 7 days, this bounty was not completed. This bounty can be closed.