Forum campaign planning 🏆

There are already a lot of posts on the forum, even though it was launched only two days ago. We are very impressed with how great it is to get direct feedback from the community and how productive it is.

And, we noticed a lot of staking in the Dev Protocol’s property at That creator reward has accumulated 5,000. :eyes:

We are grateful for the support to the Dev team, but we have no intention of selling the reward at this moment. So, we think the best way to use it is to distribute them to everyone who supports the community.

Forum campaign idea

  • Budget: Max 5000 DEV
  • Campaign Period: From this month To xxx
  • Campaign Audience: Top community supporters xxx people
  • Indicator: Contributions to this forum (posts, suggestions, comments etc.)

This campaign is created by the whole community. Please let us know what kind of campaign you would like to see, and let us know your idea.

In addition, we would also like to distribute reward to the Telegram admins as well. We are grateful for their huge efforts in supporting the growth of our community so far. :green_heart:

We need your feedback!


Good beautiful day,
I think the best is to let the community vote and decide what we can do with those funds, ie. marketing.
Thanks :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:


I think it’s a good suggestion.


I like this idea and its great the team wants to reward the community. I think a percentage (TBC) of this Dev should be made available for the community to decide what to do with it. This would go down well with the community and help keep people engaged in the project.


I believe that the community should be able hold a vote on whether to distribute this dev tokens or use them for the greater good of the Protocol by issuing a marketing pool to pay for future marketing campaigns.

The telegram users of the Dev Protocol group chat unanimously agree that we should begin spreading awareness through social media channels and the funds for this endeavor could come from this marketing pool.


It’s great that we have this much DEVs available. Even though I think that free-riders- token holders that benefit from all the work few members of the community do- should be penalized, not in a negative way, but by rewarding the active ones and not them, I believe that these DEVs are way better spent in a market campaign.

I’ll propose one in another post.

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I think it’s a good idea to have them distributed to marketing and telegram administrators.

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Here is a great suggestion from P san :star_struck: