Feedback Sunday - Week 1

Let’s continue this series of posts on the forum to collect all the feedback and ideas to improve Dev Protocol.

Last week we got a lot of questions, a few of them were answered, and the team even created a solution based on the feedback. There are questions from last week to be answered, and I’ll post them here as soon as I get the answers.

Many stakers are thinking that the airdrop will release 280K tokens all at once, but in reality, there are not that many applicants, and the number of tokens for the airdrop will be smaller if we filter the many bots

Different markets will definitely be implemented. However, the team is concerned about “the person who can judge the right creator in that new area.”
A meeting will be set up to discuss the roadmap in the near future.

A completely new program is being planned, but in the short term, a copy of the current Geyser program is being planned. It will be announced soon.

There will be another program, and another Geyser to overlap the current one and the new one.

There’s even a solution being voted on right now, please vote!

Questions regarding Eelco:

Yes, he is in charge of the necessary procedures to set up a company in Switzerland. This is a job that can only be done by a person living in Switzerland. He is not part of development team and is working more legal /corporate operational tasks.

Right now he is in charge of setting up the organization in Switzerland. After that, he will lead the governance necessary to make Devprotocol fully decentralized. And we will also work together to develop a strategy to make Devprotocol better known internationally.

If you have new questions, ideas or criticism please use this space to do it, just remember to be respectful.



I’m posting every feedback I get from community members here:

very excited about a cex12:15

but that’s just a natural progression for any young project tbh12:15

and this will open up to a whole bunch of new investors, you’d be surprised how many can’t or wont navigate uniswap12:15


My thoughts too it’s important for growth and awareness, gets more people trading it and more people looking at it as a token