Feedback Sunday - Week 0

So this is the first of a series of posts on this forum aimed to collect all the feedback and ideas to improve Dev Protocol.

I have always received a huge amount of Feedback from the community and sometimes great ideas get lost through conversations, so let’s register everything here, and I’ll be the bridge between the community and the Team, let’s improve Dev Protocol together.

Share everything, just be respectful, it could be criticism, ideas to improve tokenomics, to improve communication, anything.

I’ll edit this later with more info :wink:


Do we have an update on Incubator result? A lot of people want to learn how many projects will be joining Dev Protocol in the near future, and the reason of this delay since the incubator finished a few weeks ago.


What’s the plan of attack once the geyser expires at the end of the month?


Will we be seeing more outline plans from the team regarding onboarding other creators, specifically youtubers etc?


how is the work with eelco going on? any news about the office in switzerland and more exposure to the western community?


Now I think everything is better to focus on the marketing dev protocol have stability low supply and low cap if we start marketing everywhere than dev go to new ath because now price low supply everybody invested and being part of dev protocol

Hey all, I have a few ideas and questions:


1: It’s been a while since we heard about the private sale, is there any progress on that front?

2: What is the plan with the airdrop, considering the price of DEV is already low holders and investors will have to endure an extra selling power of 283.000 DEV tokens. In case those DEV tokens end up on the market the price will obviously be below a dollar, is there any plan regarding this? And if there is a plan can you share details about your plan?

3: Is there any news regarding a centralized exchange?

Idea: Rebranding DEV protocol to Fundr + making DEV ( Fundr) deflationary.

The idea is as follows: Choose a name that reflects the scope of the project being far more than simply funding OSS developers. A rebranding would make sense because an easier recognizable name will do miracles in terms of awareness.

Name rebrand to: Fundr

Why Fundr? Fundr will help you raise funds to launch your project, OSS, channel, album, art, etc. It will fund you.

The Fundr token does not inflate and there is no creator token. But donating using the platform mints a unique NFT that has several key benefits, such as:

  • exclusive content drops and updates (think Patreon),

  • access to donator leaderboards to see where you stand for a particular creator/project,

  • access to exclusive Fundr/Creator merch and swag store

Each donation will be done through Fundrswap and a portion of each transaction will go to Fundr stakers in the form of ETH/USDC, another portion of the fee/tax will go to buying back and burning Fundr tokens.

The imagination is endless, you could even use Fundr to fund startups and gain shares/tokens of that startup.

Fundr will be the place to go to for funding!

The key to the is rebranding would be to keep the purpose of the project as simple and easy to understand as possible. If anyone can understand the concept within 5 seconds, marketing becomes significantly easier.

Credits to: @JRtoken for the Fundr idea.


i pretty much like those ideas. would love to see the team responding to it!


This is a pretty good idea i think, and it nods to the general ‘creator space’. DEV had plans for things like this and i like the direction this could take. Unfortunately we’ve seen that some OSS devs aren’t really latching on to the idea of crypto + staking. Systems like Patreon for youtube shows that this sort of system can work, and they’d receive a benefit in return. It’s a very good idea and i think the team should give it some consideration.

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What about all these onboarded github projects mentioning Patreon, open collective, buymeacoffee but no…?

Hey friends, I’m trying to get all the answers alright?

This is the first one I got so far:

Many stakers are thinking that the airdrop will release 280K tokens all at once, but in reality, there are not that many applicants, and the number of tokens for the airdrop will be smaller if we filter the many bots

Different markets will definitely be implemented. However, the team is concerned about “the person who can judge the right creator in that new area.”
A meeting will be set up to discuss the roadmap in the near future.

A completely new program is being planned, but in the short term, a copy of the current Geyser program is being planned. It will be announced soon.

There will be another program, and another Geyser to overlap the current one and the new one.

We are glad to see so much feedback from community!
The team is now working a lot on the roadmap and development schedule. It is amazing so many things are going on in this market situation.

We would like to start a way to share team updates on a regular basis soon, and we will respond to feedback in that way.
Would love a lot of feedback! :+1::+1:

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We can potentially go with a DAO system to cover this.

Idea: Creators get taxed, a portion of which goes to the DAO in exchange for participation in the approval and vetting process for onboarding.

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Yes, he is in charge of the necessary procedures to set up a company in Switzerland. This is a job that can only be done by a person living in Switzerland. He is not part of development team and is working more legal /corporate operational tasks.

Right now he is in charge of setting up the organization in Switzerland. After that, he will lead the governance necessary to make Devprotocol fully decentralized. And we will also work together to develop a strategy to make Devprotocol better known internationally.