Does Social Tokens have potential?

Tokenization these days is mostly a must for crypto projects. Since it is the best way to get funded and still keep being decentralised and community owned. Most projects went to tokenization model rather than the more centralised way of it the traditional stock market. Being tokenized is way more efficent in many ways for both projects and the companies rather than being a stock.

While companies and projects can become tokenized, this is also possible for individuals to become tokenized. For example my name is Mertcan. I can issue $MRTCN token for myself. I can issue any numbers of this token in different blockchains and send it to people i want. Thanks to the decentralisation and blockchain technology, i can even put liquidity to my own social token and make it available to buy through decentralised exchanges such as Uniswap.

But like any other succesfull token models, i need to limit the number of tokens to be minted and give utilities to these tokens in order to achieve value. NFT’s have been succesfull last years to achieve value in many ways. Social tokens are harder in some ways but it still has great potential to become a strong tool for creator economy.

Dev Protocol makes it really easy and accesible to issue these social tokens for any individual. Through $DEV dapps like any individual can issue their social token with few clicks. This is a great tool since not everyone has the technical knowledge to issue their tokens through blockchain. But the harder part is to give value to these tokens. There should be some utilities and ways to spend these tokens in order to achieve value and being sustainable. So far there is really little examples of succesfull social token models. But Dev Protocol is here to change it.

Dev Protocol is aiming to build a complete ecosystem for creators and their supporters to connect and monetize sustainably. The Protocols aim is to connect tools such as NFT’s, social tokens, Perks mechanism, individual staking mechanism and DAOs. This way all of the tools will maintain value and support eachother in the ecosystem.

For example an Artisian can issue his social token through He can provide a perk of social tokens for some amount of staking. Those social tokens can be used as a purcashe method of the artisians online shop. Also the aritisan can build his own DAO and the supporters will be able to propose or vote on the decisions. These are just some little examples. Time and the creativity of creators will show us the possible use cases for social tokens.

And a complete ecosystem such as Dev Protocol will be a middleware for this process.

I would love to hear possible usecase and opportunities for social tokens if anyone has ideas :star_struck: