Discussion about Alexander Dreyfus's tweet

Alexander Dreyfus, founder of the Chiliz ecosystem. Chiliz is top 75 mcap project with nearly 2.5b mcap when i am writing this. They have partnered with over 80+ world famous sports and gaming teams around the world to issue their fan tokens. I think fan tokens is a good example of how the future of creator tokens will work.

Yesterday Alexander Dreyfus send this tweet.

In this tweet he told about individual fan tokens is risky since there is reputational risk and a question mark about its utility.

I think it’s a good discussion to start with. In my own, i believe individual fan tokens have a future. But there are also risks about that. For example,

A youtuber has a fan token with 10m mcap. What would happen to it’s value of the youtuber wents to jail, or if he stops the work or even if he dies. The value would drop significantly. So for the sports teams. Its not a big problem, since most teams are here for over years. Their value can rise or fall dependent on their succes. But at the end they wont see a significant drop in value. Because they have a huge backing.

For example a soccer team. Their best player can stop playing. But they can get a new player for the team. It’s not only about individuals but it’s whole team behind.

So now the creator tokens for individuals seems hard to give value or let’s say even if they can have value. Their value can drop significantly over time.

So at this place, i believe Dev Protocol is again the problem solver.

The solution is the Perks and sTokens. For example let’s think about a musician that launched in u-Zomia. If she only had tokens, that would be hard to give value. But she can offer access to her special music content Perk to her stakers. That Perk would opened with a sToken (NFT). And could directly turned back to the staked tokens when the staker is not pleased or wanted to support other creator. This way the creator needs to attract the stakers with special Perks so they can get continuous support.

So while being able to having the maximized utility that a token can give, there wont be a risk of the dropping value of tokens with the power of Perks and Stokens. This is the power of Dev Protocol and the decentralised creator economy.

Note = I also believe some individuals will have creator tokens that will capture value over time.

Please add your comments and thank for reading :slight_smile:

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